Weekend Thought…..

October 30th, 2009


judgement seat

2 Corinthians 5:10

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.

I will be out of town this weekend, but I read this verse this morning in my quiet time and wanted to share it with you before I got up and on my way.

As I read this verse, I thought,

“Wow…now there’s a verse to remember and live by.”

Yes, our love for Christ should compel us to live a life of righteousness. 

But the reality of standing before Him as our Judge should be a motivator too…

A motivator to live a life worthy of hearing Him say,

Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Praying that the things you do today will honor Him.

All My Love,


One Orphanage Story…..

October 29th, 2009


children 004

This summer at our family reunion, I was talking to my cousin Ann.  She shared with me about a sweet girl, Shelly, who had come to America and lived with them for some time.  She is now back in India along with her husband and together they have started an orphanage.  Ann and her husband, Bill, help support them and absolutely adore this sweet family.

I have been talking with Shelly through email from time to time and I wanted to share this info with you in case your church or family might want to think about putting together a care package to send to them during the holidays!

Can you imagine the smiles on these kids’ faces as they opened a box of things from America???

I am going to be working on a package here from Grayson for this orphanage as well as one in Romania that I will share about in the next few days.

In Isaiah 58 we are told this:

“If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like noonday.  The Lord will guide you always…..”

I wanted to share with you a little about the kids that they care for and ask you to pray about how you can be a part of making their life a little easier. 

This information is straight from Shelly and Meren Damsel.

About our Orphanage:

The name of our Orphanage is – CHANAN HOUSE OF HOPE ( Chanan is a word derived from Hebrew kanon which means ‘Gracious’). Just running one year. And we have ten orphans in our children home, four girls and six boys. They are from different community of North Eastern part of India. Here’s a brief background of each of them.

1 Name – Abigail Thondi sonla

Date of Birth – November 12th 2002.

Sex – Female

Joined in – K.G. – 1

Her Background

She belongs to Chang Naga tribe. She is from Tuensang Village, an Eastern part of Nagaland. Her father died two years ago, on September 4th 2007, due to the bone cancer caused on his hand. She has her mother who has another four more children and is finding so hard to support her children. Abigail was introduced and brought to the Chanan House of Hope on January 10th 2009.

2. Name – Obed Nikika

Date of Birth – December 12th 2004.

Sex – Male

Joined in – K.G. – 1

His Background

Obed belongs to Angami Naga. Obed’s father was a drug addict and he died four years ago when Obed was in his mother’s womb. Obed’s mother no longer could nurse her son but rather leaving her son with His grandparents who were not in a position to raise him, she re-married to another man. Obed was brought to Chanan house of Hope on February 4th 2009.

3. Name – Isaac Pouniamgai Kamei

Date of Birth – July 10th 2008

Sex – Male

Now studying in – Class 1

His Background

Isaac is from Tamenglong District of Manipur State. He is the second youngest child of the 8 children that late. Pouniamgai and his wife gave birth. His father was an alcoholic and after suffering for long time with lung cancer, he died on June 6th 2006. Isaac mother was a poor uneducated nominal Christian woman, who could not take care of her children. They hardly had one simple meals a day. Isaac was brought to Chanan House of Hope on September 16th 2008. Now Isaac’s mother is no more a nominal Christian but she changed her life accepting Christ in her heart, ever since Isaac joined the orphanage.

4. Name – Joseph Phukato

Date of Birth – December 25th 2000

Sex – Male

Joined in . – K.G 2


Joseph belongs to Sema Naga. Joseph’s father is a Naga militant still alive but he cannot stay with his children at his home. His mother divorced him and run away with another man. She never wanted her children calling her mummy. Joseph never received any love from his mother and he also could not receive his father’s love and care. Joseph was brought to Chanan House of Hope on February 7th 2009.

5. Name – Samuel Vikashe

Date of Birth – January 26th 2001

Sex – Male

Joined in – K.G. 2


Samuel is the younger brother of Joseph Phukato.

6. Name – David Larningam

Date of Birth – November 4th 2003

Sex – Male

Joined in – K.G. 2


David belongs to Anal Naga, he is from Chandel District of Manipur State. David too was not liked by his father. His father refuse to say that David is his own son. His father was serving in Indian Military but two years back, he was killed in Jammu and Kashmir while fighting with the Terrorist.

His mother was a sickly woman and she could not feed her son with her breast milk. She is poor illiterate woman, who collects fire wood from the jungle every day, sell it in the market and buy food for her son. David was brought to Chanan House of Hope on December 10th 2008.

7. Name – Deborah Ametoli

Date of Birth – June 6th 2003

Sex – Female

Joined in – K.G.-2


Deborah belongs to Sema Naga tribe. Her father died in the year 2003, due to the kidney failure. Her mother married to another man and could not take care of her. She was brought to Chanan House of Hope on February 10th 2009.

8. Name – Sarah Lucky Rose

Date of Birth – November 10th 2001

Sex – Female

Joined in – Class 1


Sarah is from Tamenglong District of Manipur State. She is the eldest child of her parents. Her Father after suffering for many years died on June 12th 2006 due to Cancer sickness. Her mother too was an illiterate poor nominal Christian woman who could not support her children. They hardly had one simple meals a day, but when Sarah was taken to Chanan House of Hope on September 16th, her mother too become a true believer.

9. Name – Rebecca Thumlari

Date of Birth – August 15th 2002

Sex – Female

Joined in – K. G.- 2


Rebecca’s mother died when she was just one year old and her father is a poor blind man who is still alive. She was brought to Chanan House of Hope on March 12th 2009.

10. Name – Jonathan

Date of birth – September 13th 1996

Sex – Male


Jonathan is from Moriang District of Manipur. His mother died two years back on September 2008 . Right after his mother’s death, his father married to another lady, who never like him or love him, which led even his father to dislike Jonathan by listening to his wife. He was asked by his step mother to take poison and later his own father also asked him to take poison and die and at last the only option for them was to chased him away and he was chased away from his home. None of their relative liked this little boy, every house that he goes to take shelter he was chased away. He was brought to Chanan house of Hope on 17th May 2009.

About the Work:

We have named our Ministry name as – TOUCH OF HOPE MINISTRIES, a faith ministry. Our main theme for the ministry is – HOPE FOR THE LIVING (Eccl 9:4). It is in Dimapur town of Nagaland, but we are 26 kilometers away from the town, the place where there is no electricity and no proper communications etc. Right now we do three things – Orphanage, a nursery school, and Evangelism program. Right now we have only ten orphans, It is because even these ten children we do not have any regular supporters but when God provides and give us sponsors we will have many more. The reason we have started the school is for the sake of our children. It would be too hard for us to support them sending to other School. We are living in the midst of the Tribal Muslims called MEAS. Though difficult, we go to their houses and pray for them and we also share to them Gospel and we try our best to help them in whatevers ways we can.

All these work we do for the glory of God and for the Extension of God’s Kingdom. Please join with us in prayers so that God would bless us more prayer partners and supporters, because we do not have any regular sponsors for our ministry.

Our Address :


POST- BOX – 501

P.O. DIMAPUR, PIN- 797112


PN: 011-91-9612161763





Luke 1:42

“God has blessed

you above all


I would think that when Mary heard Elizabeth say these words she felt great joy and honor.

To be blessed above all women by the God of the Universe….

But the road Mary had to walk was a road of total surrender.

Her life became God’s life.

Giving up days as a young, carefree newlywed as she started this new chapter of her life with Joseph while holding the Son of God.

Going where God told her and Joseph to go.  Fleeing one town for another for long periods of time in order to keep His Son safe from harm.

And then finally watching her Son die the most cruel and painful death imaginable while being mocked by crowds of people who just days before had cheered Him into town….

I wonder if all the things Mary had treasured in her heart through the years…..

The shepherds bowing to worship Jesus as He slept in a wooden manger,

The Wise Men bowing before Him and presenting gifts,

Losing Jesus at the age of 12 and then finding Him in the temple,

The miracle at the wedding in Cana,

I just wonder if these visions flashed before her eyes as she watched Jesus dying.

And then I wonder how she lived the rest of her years without Him on the earth.

I have to believe that she clung to the Hope of Heaven.

She inspires me to keep pressing on.

She reminds me that God’s ways are higher, bigger, and better than man’s ways.

I’m thankful that God didn’t just choose to have Jesus appear on this planet out of nowhere but rather chose to bring Jesus here through a real, earthly mom.

She reminds me that being blessed doesn’t mean that life won’t be painful at times.

That comforts me today.




crazy love two

I’m simply amazed at times at how God brings my Bible reading and my “other book” reading together in such powerful ways and with such unexplainable (in earthly ways) timing.

I am behind in my daily Bible reading, so today I was on September 23rd in my chronological Bible.  I was reading in Malachi about the sacrifices the people were making to God that were defective, sick, weak, blind….

God wanted to literally “shut the doors of the temple”-

He was so angry, because the people were giving Him the “leftovers.”

After I finished reading this section of Malachi, I picked up the book I am reading right now…

Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

Today I was reading chapters four and five.

Guess what they were about and what Scriptures were quoted?

“Giving God leftovers” and Malachi!


I sit here now thinking of several orphanages that we have been made aware of recently  through this blog and through a cousin of mine.. One is in India….a very long ways from the orphanage that we are trying to help raise funds for to build a kitchen and dining hall.  One is in Romania.

When I visit with the people at these places through email, I am convinced of one thing every single time.


There’s no half-way living for God when you depend on Him for every bite of food you eat. 

See, right now my refrigerator is full. 

So is my pantry. 

When Nick was sick, I had to depend on God for strength to make it through each new day. 

Now, I still depend on Him in my grief, but it’s not the same step-by -step dependence that I had to have last year.  The kind of dependence that made me realize I couldn’t make it any other way than by Him carrying me.

And you know what happens when the dependence level changes?

I think what I offer Him changes, too.

I don’t want to offer God less of me because I can make it through a day of life with only a whispered prayer here or there.

I want to offer all of me to God.  All I have.

So what can, I do today to show God that yes, I still depend on Him for every step and for every breath and at the same time demonstrate to Him that I want to offer myself as a living sacrifice?

I guess for me today it is by saying,

“God, use me.  Open my eyes to where you need me to be.  Lead me to those who need you today.  Place on my heart what it is you are calling me to do.  Give me the courage to say what I need to say when talking to people.  Help me to be Your light to a dark world.   I am Yours and I am totally dependent upon You and I am thankful for Your love.”

Tomorrow I will share with you about the orphanages in India and Romania.  Maybe your churches would like to send them some kind of gift for Christmas to help make their holidays a little brighter.

I just imagine hugging these children some day in Heaven and being thankful that God was able to bring our lives together through the use of the Internet so that we could help them learn about His love.

Won’t that be a great day?

And while I think of all of this, I still remember Ed and his family right here in the same area of the country as me.  And I ask God to show me what I can do show His love to this family today.  I know that He will.

I pray that all of you will have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with someone today.



A family in our county is having a very, very difficult day.

I just received a very short email from the father asking for prayer from them.

Their son, Jared, has been fighting brain cancer for over a year, and today they are driving to Cincinnati so that Jared can be given a feeding tube. The doctors are recommending hospice at this time.

My heart is so connected to this family. I have them on my heart every day. They are walking such a similar road to the one our family walked just one short year ago with our precious Nick.

Words don’t seem adequate to convey the agony they are experiencing on this particular morning which for many of us is a quite average Wednesday morning in October.

I write this morning asking you to lift them high in your prayers. Ask God to bring His love and peace which honestly can and does transcend human understanding.

Only God can bring the comfort they need today.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jared is surrounded by angels of comfort. I know because I have heard so many stories of angels being with and near people who are near to the Lord.

My prayer today is that Ed, his wife, and their three other children will experience God’s presence in such mighty ways that they will have no fear, no anguish, and no doubt that Jared, sweet Jared, though very, very sick is loved so very, very much by His Creator.

Father, I lift up this precious family who has clung to You and claimed Your healing power for so very long for their precious son. Lord, Your ways don’t always make sense to us. Help us to trust You with a deep abiding faith in those dark, dark valleys. I believe, Lord, that in these darkest moments You are able to shine the brightest. Open our eyes to see You in these valleys. Shine for Jared’s family, Lord. Shine bright. We love You, Lord. And we thank You for the hope of Heaven and for giving Your Son so that we could have that promise of eternity with You if we accept Him as our Savior. In His Precious and Life-Changing Name, Jesus, I pray this morning. Amen.



lots of stuff 1117
lots of stuff 1118


lots of stuff 1119

I just wanted to share the finished bookshelves that will soon be delivered to area doctor’s offices and hospitals.

Thank you to everyone who helped along the way!

Nick loved to read!

And Nick got so tired of sitting in waiting rooms!

So, our prayer is that these shelves will offer kids a fun way to pass time while they’re waiting as well as give them a chance to increase their love for reading!

Trying so hard to focus on the lives Nick will touch even though I miss him more than words can even express,


A Sweet Childhood Memory….

October 27th, 2009


lots of stuff 109 I was subbing one day when a student in class had THIS book with them!

It was their dad’s!

I couldn’t believe it, because this was one of my favorite books as a little girl!

  I think I even colored on my book cover just like this dad had done!

As I read the story out loud to the class, I realized that even though years and years had passed since I had heard the words of this story it was still very familiar to me.  It made me smile!

It also made me think……

What stories will my kids remember with sweet memories?

Thank you, mom and dad, for my memories of

Gus was a Friendly Ghost!



lots of stuff 119
lots of stuff 124

I thought it was either ironic or Providential that I photographed the picture of the “Road to Success” sign while on the way to one of Olivia’s basketball games and then met the gentlemen pictured above on the way home from that same game at a little McDonalds we stopped at to have dinner.

He told me that he had travelled from Missouri, picked up the little dog along the way, and was headed to West Virginia!  And he seemed as happy as anyone I’d ever met!

His bike was packed down with everything a person truly needs to survive, and he had a very happy little companion who was actually peacefully napping while I visited with the gentleman.

I couldn’t help but remember the sign I had photographed just an hour before and how different “success” is to different people.

Honestly, I’ve met very successful people in the eyes of the world who didn’t seem as happy as this little sweet man.

Makes me think about where my treasures are and what road I’m really on…..

Matthew 7:13-14

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.4But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.



I Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen people, a royal


2009-10-25 001 princess crown resize

I decided to clean off one of Olivia’s shelves while she was “quarantined” to her room.

As I went through piles of barrettes, crafts, chap sticks, and random little toys, I came across these supplies for making little princess crowns.

I held them up to ask Olivia if she wanted to save them, thinking that maybe they would bring a sparkle to her sick eyes after watching about 10 movies in a row,

but Olivia just looked at the supplies and nodded a weak “no” to the thought of even saving them for another day.

As I sat them aside, I couldn’t help but think of how quickly little girls come to realize that it takes more than rubber bands, paper, and jewels to become a princess.

It made me sad to carry these craft supplies out of Olivia’s room.

Another chapter in her little girl life was gone—the chapter of “becoming a princess” just by using her imagination.

She’s now in the world of reality where only the “lucky” girls in the movies become royal and where being treated like a princess is something that often happens only to the main characters in fairy tales.

So, how do I help her little heart never forget that as a Christian she is forever a princess?

How do I teach her that no matter how tough this life gets, there will be a day when Jesus will break through the clouds on a white horse coming to sweep her off her little earthly feet unless he chooses to take her there early to be in His Glorious Kingdom?

I have to admit that even for me, it is often difficult to feel “royal.”

Dishes, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, driving in a carpool, and all the other things that demand my time hardly qualify as things-to-do for a princess.

But if I believe God’s Word, and I do, then I trust Him when He says I am part of a “royal priesthood.”

The good news is, I don’t have to pretend to be a princess, neither does Olivia, and neither do you!

I guess it’s okay to pass along her jewels, paper, and rubber bands to someone not quite so “grown-up.”.

She doesn’t really need them anyway. She’s a daughter of the King!


Special Weekend….

October 25th, 2009


All of the kids were here this weekend, and we were able to share some special time with them and their girlfriends.

Olivia has been sick, so she didn’t appear in too many photos this time…she’s been spending a lot of time watching movies in her room.

But I thought I’d share a little of our weekend with you.

Pictionary, Erich and Mallory cooking dinner, fall photos, the kids bundling up to head to the Haunted Trail…..

 maria mallory becca weekend 020 maria mallory becca weekend 065 maria mallory becca weekend 022 maria mallory becca weekend 066 maria mallory becca weekend 023 2009-10-25 101 maria mallory becca weekend resize maria mallory becca weekend 088 2009-10-25 097 maria mallory becca weekend resizetim and tammy black and white

 maria mallory becca weekend 003maria mallory becca weekend 011 maria mallory becca weekend 083 maria mallory becca weekend 056 maria mallory becca weekend 074 maria mallory becca weekend 055 maria mallory becca weekend 009

maria mallory becca weekend 004