Gnome Sweet Gnome!

November 10th, 2009


band concert gnomes 038

Mom repainted my gnomes and placed them under one of my trees before leaving last weekend!  I just love them!

But, I had to laugh when I got home a few days ago and found that “Mr. Music-Playing Gnome” had fallen over on his back!

band concert gnomes 035 Sometimes, we just have to rest, don’t we?????

Even if we’re a gnome!band concert gnomes 037 I feel a little like this gnome tonight………

Still praising Him…just needing some time to simply look up!

Sleep well, my blogging friends!

Looking Up and Resting in Him,



November 9th, 2009


I just received an email from a brain tumor support group I belong to online.

The subject was “Ependymomas and Chuck Norris” with a link to watch a video.

I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that it was the story about Nick and Chuck Norris (click on Chuck’s name to go to the story and video)!!

The video is just a small clip of what they made for Nick as a gift.  Nick was able to watch it a month before he passed away several times!!!  We played it in his funeral!

Chuck’s book has been released with a story about Nick in it!  He even shares Nick’s favorite Scripture..JOSHUA 1:9!!

I am amazed at how God works!

Thankful to be Nick’s Mom (eternally!),


So close…and yet so far away

November 9th, 2009


walking with jesus

“We had hoped  he was the Messiah who had come to rescue Israel.”

Luke 24:21

Can you imagine saying these words to Jesus Himself??

That’s what happened to Cleopas and his friend as they sadly walked to Emmaus one day feeling as if their Savior wasn’t really who had claimed to be.  Suddenly, they were joined by none other than the resurrected Messiah but they did not know who he was.

When Jesus joined them and asked what they were “discussing so intently,” they thought he must be the only person in Jerusalem who hadn’t heard the news of the last few days.

Thankfully, Jesus was able to share the truth with them, and I’d say their lives were never, ever the same.

Can you imagine hearing their testimony in a church service?

Do you have a testimony?

Have you ever been at a place in your life where what you “hoped” would happen didn’t and then somehow Jesus walked along side you through a friend or a song or a sermon or a Scripture and suddenly your eyes were opened to the truth????

I hope so!

If not, I’m praying that very thing for you this week!

Have a wonderful week!




I’m speaking at a retreat this weekend and one aspect of the theme is “inspiring one another.”

This has really had me thinking about people from the Bible who inspire me!

I’d love to know WHO inspires you from the Scriptures and WHY?

And do you think any of them set out to “inspire” or did it just happen because of their choice to live for God?

Always inspired by your comments….


Thanking Him…………always

November 8th, 2009





Every time I watch “extreme” sports, I find myself closing my eyes and peeking through my fingers to see if the athletes land safely…

The thought of seeing them plummet to the ground in pain is just more than I can stand to watch.

But I admire people who are willing to take risks.  Live on the edge.  Try things that have never been tried before.

They amaze me!  They inspire me!!

I want to be a risk-taker for God.


I’m not quite sure yet.

But I want to be bold.  I don’t want to be afraid of standing up for what is right.  I don’t want to “hide” my Christianity from a hurting world.

And yet I find myself in situations where I hear a little voice almost whispering out loud, “Share Him now,” and I simply move on with the conversation in a very nonreligious way.  Not that I’m saying bad things.  I’m just not saying GOOD things.  Things about Jesus.  About hope.  About eternity.

I hate walking away from these opportunities and wondering if I’ll ever have a chance to share with that person again.

Lord, give me the strength to take risks for you.

Help me be an EXTREME CHRISTIAN.  Yes, sometimes I will fall.  But help me get up and try again.


Humbled and Convicted…

November 6th, 2009



romania family three

Oh, my dear, dear blogging friends,

It is midnight here in Kentucky.  My day started with all sorts of good intentions, plans of getting packages in the mail and letters containing financial gifts to two orphanages (from Nick’s foundation and our community).

I began the day early, taking the kids to school and then having a quick breakfast with Tim before he headed to work.  A breakfast I look back on now and wonder if I even really appreciated.  Warm biscuits and gravy from Dairy Queen.  Something I easily ordered and paid for without really giving it much thought.

Then I set out to tackle the remnants of the yard sale we had several weeks ago, hoping to pull together a box or two of clothes to mail to Romania as well as a box of jeans to take the area resource center to help kids in our area.

My journey had lots of little stops along the way, and at one point I checked my email to discover that pairs of shoes was another need in this country.  I called a friend who I thought may be able to help with this and stopped by her house to give her a container. 

As I set out for the post office, I wasn’t sure what to expect although I had been warned that shipping would be high.

My mouth dropped when I learned that each of the boxes would cost around $115 to  mail!!!  I also learned that mailing money to another country isn’t as easy as sending a friend in America a gift for their birthday or Christmas.

I came home a little discouraged and feeling as if my entire day was quickly disappearing with not much to show for it.

Tonight, I finally had a chance to get back online and as I was checking my email realized I had overlooked one from Romania with photographs.  How had that happened????????  I knew immediately that God wanted me to see the pictures tonight before I went to bed.

Earlier today I vividly remember thinking, “Do the people there really want these clothes that are not even new?  Are the clothes even worth spending that amount of money to send?  Is there anything we can do to really make life better for these precious people on the other side of the world?”

Tonight, I sit here humbled and convicted.

I received the following letter from Violeta in Romania this evening.  A letter she asked me to share with all of you.  I have not corrected any errors in grammar, because I feel that you will hear what must be a beautifully innocent and sweet Romanian accent when you read her words.  I will probably never met Violeta while on this planet.  But I feel certain that our hugs in Heaven will make up for any missed here.

Please enjoy her words and soak in her pictures.  Please pray that God will lead you to somehow get involved in this ministry and/or the Indian ministry.  I know you will be blessed by doing so.

Plans are in place now to send gifts through direct wiring from our bank to theirs.  And I plan to mail my boxes on Monday morning regardless of the cost.


  My dear Tammy will share you this letter with our story . My name is 

Violeta and i have 32yrs,old from Romania. We have a little

foundation here wich help poors and orphans childrens .  When my dear Tammy readed my story she told me tha she was so touched ! Why?

Becouse she have one clean- heart  for JESUS LOVE! And i believe that you my friends feel the same.

  First i wish to story you about me : I LOVE TO HELP , THIS IS MY PASSION ,THATS ME !      I LIVE FOR THAT !  I LIVE FOR JESUS AND WITH  HIS  WORD IN MY HEART ! Why i`m doing that? becouse my life is JESUS -LORD      and i live for HE `s word!

  Did you know how is to sleep hungry?? do you? i know !

I was in my childhood after tragic death of my parents  in one orphanage before democracy here in 1992 , and there for me and many kids it was one nightmare: without food, without warm ,  without LOVE . I cant find word to write how much i have been suffered there , is so hard to remember all again is overhelming for me!

   The teachers of that time used to beat us for no reason and i spended many nights without sleep becouse of fear ……. without blankets in cold rooms !

After this period i met my husband and now i have one beautiful family 2 kids one doughter 10 yrs  and one son 12 .

  We are one normal family not rich material, but rich in FAITH! 

The treasure what we have is JESUS -LOVE  and HE`s everlasting and uconditional  LOVE , and becouse of that my friends i`m telling you when you have troubles or when you feel said or lonely or you are sick my friends, our JESUS –         HE IS  ABOVE -, and HE waithing for our LOVE and our HEARTS! MY heart is for HIM forever!

  Becouse of HIM i`m so happy and i know that HE is here with me always . He deserve our LOVE forever becouse HE came to us  on earth and He showed the TRUE -LOVE , and HE died for us!

For HIM and with HIM we are trying to do something for ours poors of here. This life is short my friend and i feel that i must to do something for others ,not just for me!

  At our little foundation we have around 50 kids some of them are orphans ,some of them live in bad conditions for life: without food,water,warm,electricity…..

So my friends lets doing something and please open you hearts for this childrens , i believe always tath our LORD work on people and i know that HE will work to you hearts.

  Here is one little town many factory are closed and so much hungry here. Many mothers dont have bread many days or milk for the kids.

WE need a lot of things like clothes ,medicens ….. shoes ,milk-powder.

My dear Tammy, made two boxes full with things for this kids but on mail is so expencive for her alone,so please help her to send if you have posibility.

    Or if you want to donatte a little for exemple the prices here is :

50 cents are 2 bread for 1 -child

1  dollar is one liter of milk here…..    and many things my poors need.

Soon will be the wondeful Christmas please give a little for one poor  -child!!!  

  If you have something to give please contact my dear Tammy -Nischan ,she have my adress or to this mail:

tibivio72@yahoo.com  .

       We can do togheter a little joy to this childrens! i wish from all my heart to help them but i need help i cant alone, and here nobody wants to hear about poverty.

I called today to this project ..CHRISTMAS  FOR  HUNGRY  CHILDRENS .. GOD BLESS YOU ALLS! 

              Thank you so much with love and respect – SALCA -Violeta

               romania family fourromania family five                       romania family

romania family two


I pass Nick and Adrienne’s graves every time I come and go from our house.  I almost always look towards them for just a second.  It’s just my “mommy heart” making sure all is well there. 

No messed-up flowers, no leaning lanterns.

This morning as I was returning to the house, I looked over at their graves just as KLove was playing, “Hope Now.”

It struck me that truly everything does ride on hope now….

That’s how I breathe.

That’s how I smile.

That’s how I go to the grocery store.

That’s how I paint a bathroom or rearrange a living room.

That’s how I sit through a basketball game.

That’s how I attend a conference.

That’s how I speak to a group of women who probably have a better grip on life than I do many, many times.

I do all these things while riding on hope.

Hope that the God of the Universe is carrying me.

Hope that there is more to life than this life.

Hope that yesterday’s tears will be tomorrow’s laughter.

Hope that in the end…….

I won’t need hope. 

I’ll have Him.

Until then, I am riding on hope now…….

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jesus world

Isaiah 9:6

6 For to us a child is born,

       to us a son is given,

       and the government will be on his shoulders.

       And he will be called

       Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,

       Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


I can just imagine Jesus lifting up the world and placing it on His Shoulders.

It’s not too much for Him to carry.

It’s not too much for Him to bear.

Right now the news stations are consumed with our government.

So many opinions, so many decisions, so many things that seem uncertain, so many things that seem “unfixable,” and yet………

“The government shall be upon His shoulders”

That’s where I’m leaving it today.

I think we all should ask God to carry us, our future, our nation…

Ask Him to open our eyes to what we can do to make this world a better place.

Ask Him to carry us.

Thank you, Lord, for being our Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

Trusting you,



Psalm 40:1-3 

I waited patiently for the LORD;

he turned to me and heard my cry.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit,

out of the mud and mire;

he set my feet on a rock

and gave me a firm place to stand.

He put a new song in my mouth,

a hymn of praise to our God.

Many will see and fear

and put their trust in the LORD.

marriage retreat 028 When I sat down with Evan today in the waiting room of his dermatologist, I wasn’t expecting to see this “gentleman” sitting across from me.

Guess he’s been waiting a while to see the doctor.

As I looked at him occasionally – trying to be subtle so he wouldn’t feel like I was staring (smile), I couldn’t help but think that many of us feel as if we have been waiting for what seems an eternity for lots of things in our personal lives to get better or change.

Waiting for God to show us the “next thing” He is calling us to do.

Waiting for medical test results

Waiting for forgiveness or waiting for a heart to forgive.

Waiting for peace in a not-so-peaceful season.

Waiting for answers.

Waiting for our joy to return after grief.

marriage retreat 029

Well, the good news is this:

God promises that when we wait patiently, He will come through in His time…..and I have learned through the years that His Word never fails..

I guess peace comes from trusting that “He knows best” and that He is working even when while we’re waiting.

marriage retreat 030 Evan went and sat by our fellow-patient………

Hmmmmmmmm.. maybe that’s why we’re called “patients” in a doctor’s office.

Because we are called to have patience while waiiting.

I hope you are waiting patiently, and I pray that while you are waiting, you will “cry out to God” trusting Him to take care of your every need.

Remember, many are watching you as you wait.

Help them to see and fear so that they too can put their trust in the Lord.

Waiting for Him,