February 28th, 2011


In Brian D. McLaren’s book “A Search for What Makes Sense:  Finding Faith,” he says, “Where there is absolute certainty, there can be no room for faith.”

I love that sentence!

I don’t know about your life, but my life is full of questions when I look back and when I look forward.

If not for my deep belief in the promise of more than this life, I would spend many days filled with regret, fear, and anxiety.

We’ve had a busy weekend here, and I’m just now able to share about Olivia’s trip to Louisville.

She did such a good job speaking, and the kids all did the skit beautifully!!

I’ll get the videos loaded to Youtube soon, but for now I’ll share pictures.

Olivia did not win state chaplain, however.  She was beat by number two on the ballot.  A girl whose campaign centered all around Scooby-Doo with very cute costumes and props.  I was so proud of Olivia, though, because I felt her campaign was truly about being a light for Jesus and in the end when she learned that she had lost, she said, ‘It wasn’t meant to be.  God has other plans.”

I am so thankful that we named Olivia…….Olivia Faith-Pallavi (Pallavi was her given name in India, and it means “new leaves or new beginning”)  Olivia’s faith amazes me!

 beta trip 133_resize  beta trip 018_resize beta trip 021_resize beta trip 074_resize beta trip 083_resize beta trip 084_resize beta trip 126_resize

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1



Thankfully, my teacher’s meeting ended in time for me to say bye to Olivia and her friends as they left for the BETA Convention!! beta trip 004_resizeThis refrigerator box is going to be open and used as a replica of Olivia’s school locker during the skit!   See the Scripture on the front!! 🙂beta trip 007_resize

One of Olivia’s teachers was even telling me that the students decided that Joshua 1:9 had to be on the locker too…..see the heart in the corner?!? 

That was Nick’s favorite verse!

beta trip 001_resizeDuring the skit, they turn the locker around and there is a huge switch on the other side.  See Olivia’s initials..O.N.  

The slogan for Olivia’s campaign is

“Turn it O.N. for Olivia Nischan!”

One of the boys came up with that idea when they were talking about her being a “light” at school.  beta trip 009_resize beta trip 012_resize

Here’s Olivia with one of her favorite teachers! beta trip 013_resize beta trip 014_resize beta trip 015_resize  beta trip 017_resize beta trip 022_resize

I snapped a few photos of some of Olivia’s friends as they were heading to the bus.  Evan brought his Bible to read on the way.  I love this boy so much! 🙂beta trip 031_resize 

Here’s my last view of Olivia and her friend Sarah as they were pulling out…….

I’ll be driving to Louisville tomorrow right after school to watch their performance.  I’ll videotape her speech and the skit and share them with you this weekend!! 

Thanks for keeping all of these kids in your prayers as they step out to SHINE FOR JESUS at the Kentucky BETA Convention!!!



Yesterday Tim took Olivia to the dentist for the big event of letting go of two years of braces!!!braces 0005_resize

No more food getting stuck in the metal!  No more sore gums and tongue!braces 0009_resize

Her first look in the mirror!!braces 0010_resizebraces 0019_resize    braces 0014_resize Olivia leaves today for the BETA Convention in Louisville where she will be speaking in front of about 12,000 middle school students.

She is running for KY State Chaplain!!

braces 0027_resize

Her suit is ironed and ready to go!

braces 0026_resize braces 0025_resize

This is the front and back of the t-shirt that all of the kids from her school will be wearing for the campaign day tomorrow!!!

Olivia places a Scripture on her locker every day and the kids really do see her as a “light” in the school!  They are singing, ‘This Little Light of Mine” after she speaks and the kids do their skit!

I love how God uses even a school club to reach out to the world!!

Matthew 5:16

In the same way, let your

light shine before others,

that they may see your

good deeds and glorify

your Father in heaven.

Praying we can all shine for Him today too,


My First Day Back……..

February 22nd, 2011


I took a deep breath as I pulled into the parking lot of the school where I teach.

Eight weeks of being homebound had torn away a lot of my self-confidence, and the thought of walking into my school carrying a pillow to sit on didn’t help much either.

As I walked from the parking lot to the school, I began hearing, “Hi, Mrs. Nischan,” from student after student as they were getting off of school buses.

  My heart grew a little lighter.

Entering the building, our assistant principal said, “Get over here,” as he gave him a welcoming hug……….

In my classroom, a stack of notes from cards and teachers covered my desk, and I was overwhelmed with love as teachers came by my room to say welcome back and hug me.first day at school 0001_resizeAs I thought of how each person’s act alone may have seemed insignificant to them, I read the front of a notebook our principal had left for me as a Christmas gift………..

first day at school 0002_resize

I smiled as I thought of how each student and each teacher had made a difference in my first day back at work ,and I was reminded that I have the choice to be that “ONE PERSON” to someone else with every step I take in life.

So do you.

Today, I pray that as you venture here and there that you will remember that, yes, you are only one person, but YOU have the power to make a SIGNIFICANT difference in the lives of those you touch.

Thank you for praying for me yesterday.

I love you all so much!

Tonight, I’ll share the funny memories of yesterday!

God bless each of you in a very special and unique way,


Giveaway Winners!!!

February 21st, 2011


The Nick Note Giveaway Winners,

chosen randomly by Olivia and Evan, are……..




LISA (lisahs@mrtc.com)

Please email me at tammynischan@yahoo.com with a mailing address!  Kim, I think I’ll save some postage and deliver yours!

I wish I could give a set to each of you!

There’s good news, though!

I just received an email and was asked to review Sheila Walsh’s newest book as well as one other book by another author, and they are sending me five copies of EACH book to give away!!!!!!

So we will be having a BIG GIVEAWAY very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!

I’m heading back to work in the morning, so please keep me in your prayers.  It will be a big change after the past couple months of being home.

Thankful for the promise that God is with us wherever we go!


The Bread of Life….

February 21st, 2011


sumbury 039_resizeJOHN 6:48-50

I am the bread of life. Your forefathers ate the manna in the desert, yet they died.

But here is the bread that comes down from heaven, which a man may eat and not die.

Today as we took communion something happened.

The bread came by.

We took.

We ate.

Thank you, God, for the gift of Your Son. 

The juice passed by.

Our pew was missed.

We gently looked back and whispered, “We didn’t get the juice.”

As the communion tray was passed back up to us…..

We took.

We drank.

I thought for a minute, “Why did that happen? What is God saying to us?”

And then I knew.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Lord, for the gift of Your Son’s blood.

We need it.  As the juice almost passed over us, we couldn’t be silent.  Communion wasn’t complete without the juice, and God’s plan isn’t complete without the blood.

I was thankful today for almost missing the juice.

It reminded me of the most important part of God’s plan.

I’m so thankful Jesus came, but I am even more thankful that He was willing to die for me and for you.

Thankful for the blood of Jesus!

“What can wash away my sins?  Nothing but the blood of Jesus!  What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus! Oh, precious is the flow-that makes me white as snow!  No other fount I know!  Nothing but the blood of Jesus!



Wilderness Mentalities

February 17th, 2011


Below is a list of the eight wilderness mentalities that Joyce Meyer shares about in her life-changing book, Battlefield of the Mind, in case you want to print them out to place somewhere in your house as a reminder of some negative ways of thinking that can DESTROY you………..

If you long to live a life empowered by God, avoid these thought patterns:

1.  My future is determined by my past and my present.

2.  I don’t want the responsibility.

3.  I can’t take it if things are too hard!

4.  I can’t help it – I’m just addicted.

5.  Don’t make me wait – I want it now!

6.  It’s not my fault!

7.  My life is so miserable.

8.  I don’t deserve God’s blessings.

9.  Why shouldn’t I be jealous?

10.  I’m doing it my way!


Battlefield of the Mind

February 16th, 2011


Don’t faint, but I am finally wrapping up this book study TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I read the last four chapters this morning and then realized I had reached the final page of the book, I felt a sense of urgency to share the closing chapters with you and, at the same time, make a commitment to God to print out the wilderness mentalities and hang them in my bathroom as a reminder of things the devil loves to whisper in my ear……

In his attempt to steal, kill, and destroy.

Chapter 22: My Life is Miserable-I feel sorry for myself because my life is so wretched.

I’d love to say that I never battle with this wilderness mentality, but I would be lying.  I often look back and question why certain things had to happen in my life journey.  I look forward and feel overwhelmed about full-time work and juggling my kids’ schedules.  Having a pity party is not difficult for me.  My prayer today is that I will learn from the Israelites’ mistakes and determine to trust God NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES MAY BE AROUND ME.

Chapter 23: I Don’t Deserve God’s Blessing because I am Not Worthy

I think the devil loves to beat us up with this thought.  He knows that God created us in His image and that He loves us with an everlasting love, so he tries daily to bring about situations in our life that cause us to feel like failures, disappointments, mistakes, etc.  Decide today to turn to Ephesians 1:4 and copy this verse onto an index card and carry it with you wherever you go!

 For he chose us in him before the creation of

the world to be holy and blameless in his sight.

In love  hepredestined us for adoption to

sonshipthrough Jesus Christ, in accordance

with his pleasure and will-

Chapter 24:  Why shouldn’t I be jealous and envious when everyone is better off than I am?

Well, first I don’t think we can even imagine how much worse our lives could be.  We can look at pictures of other countries, we can even visit them on mission trips, but until we have lived in utter poverty and persecution, we have no idea what “worse” really is.  Secondly, I have to tell myself time and time again that God uses each of us RIGHT WHERE WE’RE AT and with exactly the gifts He has given us.  Maybe your gift is cooking.  Maybe, like me, it is not.  Maybe your gift is sending cards.  Maybe it is singing.  Whatever it is, USE IT and allow God to bless others through you!!! 🙂  And stop looking around..LOOK UP!!!!!!  I want to live my life LOOKING UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 25:  I’m going to do it my way or not at all.

God has taken me down some painfully winding roads in order to teach me to let go of control.  There is something very freeing about reaching that point of total surrender where you can look at a situation and feel powerless yet KNOW THAT YOU ARE BEING HELD IN THE HANDS OF THE ALMIGHTY, ALL-POWERFUL GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so much to learn about being exactly the person God longs for me to be, but PRAISE GOD I’m not who I use to be.

If you make a choice today to walk out of the wilderness way of thinking , I believe you will start to see big results in your life!

I  will post all 8 wilderness mentalities this evening in case anyone wants to copy them and print them out for their bathroom wall too!

Together, we will walk towards the Promised Land!

Thankful, so thankful, for each of you!



Hooray!! A Give-Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 15th, 2011


HOORAY_resize It’s been way too long since I’ve had a give-away !!

2009-01-29 018

Since Tim and I both used one of Nick’s cards today as our Valentine to each other, I thought it would be fun to share a few sets with you!2009-01-29 0242009-01-29 014If you would like to enter the drawing for a set of Nick cards, please just click on the words “Precious Comments” and leave your email address.

If you have trouble posting a comment, try posting anonymously and giving me your name in the comment box.

If you still have trouble, please email me at tammynischan@yahoo.com.

I’ve had some friends sharing that they have had trouble leaving a comment lately.

I will have a drawing on Sunday afternoon to give away three sets of Nick’s Notecards (envelopes are included). The artwork on each of these cards was created and titled by Nick using WordArt on the computer.  He spent hours creating each image, and I can still see his sweet face as he studied the screen making sure each curve and color was exactly the way he wanted it.  Nick’s title for each image is located on the back of the card.

Thank you for allowing me to continue to share Nick with you,


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

February 14th, 2011


Oil played such an important role in Old Testament history.  My daily Bible reading is taking me through the exodus of the Israelites and the setting up of the tabernacle in the wilderness. Over and over again oil is required for purifying of priests and preparation of sacrifices.

gnome day 011_resize

I walked out into our driveway Saturday, and this was the oil spot left after one of our cars backed out!

Seeing this oil spot, reminded me of the last time Nick was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  He had been anointed with oil by our elders on three different occasions during the previous few years, and his first words after hearing the news of his diganosis were,

“Tell the elders to save their oil for their cars.”

It broke my heart in one sense and made me smile in another.  Nick had such peace with God’s journey for his life.  I didn’t, but Nick sure did!

When I saw a heart of oil that had fallen from our car this weekend, I knew that God was once again using oil.  This time, though, He was using it to send a Valentine wish from Nick to our family!

I had to share the message with you today!

Physical healing seems to be our most fervent prayer when someone is sick, but what indescribable joy comes when we deeply believe that spiritual healing is what matters most.

Read closely these words from James.  Healing comes when our sins are forgiven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James 5:13-16

Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise. Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

Praying you feel His anointing today!

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day and know that God loves you passionately!