A Small Glimpse of Evan and Maria’s Trip


Evan thought this was pretty funny!  Maybe I have a calling in Peru…

IMG_0097_resize This is Evan with Maria’s mother.  There are so many things I’d love to tell you about this beautiful location, but I truly have no knowledge of the history so I have asked Evan to be a guest writer on my blog and he said, YES! I am going to ask Maria when she arrives here today! So for today, I just wanted to share a few pictures!  This weekend, I am hoping to have special blog posts by both Evan and Maria about their trip!  And then I want to do the same with Erich and Mallory with their pictures from Italy and Mallory’s pictures from Quebec! Maybe together we will all learn a lot more about different cultures!

I’m excited to learn myself!

For now, please enjoy a few photos from Peru!IMG_0161_resize 



IMG_0308_resize  This is Maria’s brother-in-law and nephew.  From what I’ve heard, her nephew fell in love with Evan and is still crying because he misses him. 🙁

IMG_0353_resize IMG_0410_resize

3 thoughts on “A Small Glimpse of Evan and Maria’s Trip

  1. Can’t wait to hear the stories behind the photos! The last picture is gorgeous, it looks like there are 2 suns in the picture, did you see that?

  2. The Picture of the Lake looks very familiar. I wonder if it is one I have seen in Peru???
    My interpreter while I worked in the clinic in Peru was from Huancayo. Her name was Susan. Makes me so “Home Sick” to go back and work with the children there.

  3. Carol,

    Huancayo is Maria’s hometown!!!

    She took Evan to see the mission work there! Isn’t that amazing?!?!

    Love you!

    Rose, if you have Facebook you can go to Maria or Evan’s page and see hundreds more pictures with descriptions too!

    Love you too!