All I Can Say This Morning….

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We packed our weekend full of activities, forcing ourselves to do the “normal” things like putting up our tree, hanging Christmas lights, and even putting stockings on the mantle which I dreaded most of all.

I have much to write about from the weekend, but for this morning all I can say is I am having a tough time and am trying my best to do everything “with hope.”

Thank you, Janet, for sharing this song with me this morning.  I needed it.

Thank you for your prayers.  Please keep praying.

Much, much love,

2 thoughts on “All I Can Say This Morning….

  1. Oh, Tammy, my heart aches with you. Thanks for sharing that song and your pain. Will keep praying.

  2. Hi sweet friend. You have been on my heart and finally I got to come over to check on you. My heart aches for you!!! And your whole family. I just wish I could reach through this screen and hug you tight and cry with you!

    Grieve with HOPE my friend. Nick would want you to smile as the tears drip down your cheeks. He’d want you to taste the salt in them and wonder at the creativity of God who decided our tears would be salty and not sweet, or tasteless.

    He would want you to take that gaping whole in your heart and let someone fill it with laughter and hugs and wonderful memories of a boy who lived life and gave life more than most can do in a long lifetime!

    I love you dearly and I hold on to the hope that you will get past this painful, knock-the-wind-out-of-you place. Oh how I pray that His comfort and joy would fill your heart today for no reason other than because His love and presence dwells in your heart.