Can Anyone Relate?????????????

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What happened to the days of “Leave it to Beaver?”

I’m sure there were things that caused stress back then, but the thought of me in an apron with a great meal prepared for my family who then happily sits around the table sharing about their day at school sounds very attractive to me this morning.

I am weary of technology that squeezes family out of life and pulls the world in at a constant pace.

My goals for today are:

Prepare a home-cooked meal.

Work on writing project.

Do laundry.

Be the mom God longs for me to be when my kids get home from school.

Does anyone have any secrets to balancing cell phones, computers, and television in your family’s life? 

PLEASE SHARE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Can Anyone Relate?????????????

  1. Hi beautiful!

    If you have a home phone….Turn everything else off! That would be my advice.
    Oddly enough, we used to be able to function efficiently without all of our modern conveniences.

  2. I know!!!!!!!!!

    We’re going to try a “no technology” night tomorrow night! Pray that Todd is able to handle this for a couple hours! We’re going to play a game………..I hope!!

    Love you, Cheryl

  3. Technology can be a good thing, sometimes…. I just got an iphone for (early) Christmas from my husband. I have never texted before or any of that. My daughter (age 6) has been texting my dad for the last couple days. I think it is good because otherwise they would never even connect… My dad is two states away and has never been to my house. We visit once a year or so but not enough for a six year old mind to remember. This way they can share little, day to day things. Today, after school, she texted him and said, “Grampa? Are you there? It’s me, Angel, I’m home from school.” It was priceless! Especially because of the distance, I suppose. In a family setting, I would say to have a time where everyone turns off any electronics and sits down together. We always have dinner together, and at this time of year, we have an Advent wreath that we light and have prayers to say each evening. The kids look forward to lighting the candles and blowing them out. Hopefully when they grow up they will remember this as a time of togetherness! God bless you, Tammy! I read your blog and even when I don’t comment, know that I am reading and still praying for you!

  4. Rose,

    I just love the thought of you receiving a text from your granddaughter! How precious!

    I also love the Advent wreath idea. How beautiful.

    I’m going to look into that.

    Any time we can create a memory that pulls in more than one sense, I believe it will last much longer in our minds and hearts!

    Much, much love,
    Tammy 🙂