elaines little feet

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If Every Child Could Know

Her little feet. Running through our yard. And through our house. It was a summer to remember. Forever. I think about her this morning, experiencing another culture with her mommy and daddy. On the other side of the world. I miss my little Gingersnap. But I also whisper a prayer of thanks. She is safe.... Read more


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Because A Battle Precedes An Invitation

He appeared for the very first time in Old Testament history a few chapters ago. Seemingly out of nowhere, Moses calls Joshua to battle saying, “Select some men for us and go fight against Amalek. Tomorrow I will stand on the hilltop with God’s staff in my hand.” Without hesitation, “Joshua did as Moses had... Read more

fog road

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My Foggy Faith

It gets the best of me so often. The unknown. The unseen. The signs up ahead I can’t quite see. Foggy mornings scare me. So does walking by faith. Take me out of the driver’s seat and everything gets worse. There’s something about gripping the wheel that at least gives me the false allusion that I have a little... Read more