Giving God Your "Nothingness"…….

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Thank you all for your sweet posts, texts, and emails lately.

I love you all so much.

I thought that maybe writing a blog post last week would “get me going again.”

But it didn’t…..yet.

It’s not that I have no thoughts, no stories, no memories to share.

It’s not that I don’t have time to stop what I’m doing and write.

It’s just that when I do sit down to write, there’s nothing.

A popular phrase I hear a lot lately is, “I got nothin.”

And that’s kind-of how I’ve been feeling.

It’s been a while since I’ve reached such a desert in my writing.

I’m not sure what it means.

Sometimes it scares me, because writing is such a part of who I am that the thought of being wordless for any length of time makes me feel like I am going to try to live without oxygen.

I love to write.

What I love to write about, though, is how God’s Word is speaking to me, changing me, transforming me into a better person………..

And sometimes I feel like my “better” isn’t that much “better” than it was yesterday or the day before or even a year ago.

I feel so extra weak sometimes.

And so I’m trying to listen more than I speak.

I’m trying to read more than I write.

I’m trying to soak up Him so that He can be squeezed out of me, because sometimes the sponge gets dry.

So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE know that even on the days when I do not have a blog post, YOU ARE IN MY HEART and definitely on my mind.

Today, Martha is having her surgery in Houston.  Four surgeons are at work as I type.  Please whisper a prayer for her.

Today, I have a KCU student recovering from unexpected surgery at my house.  Please whisper a prayer for him.

Today, I’m wondering how little Charlotte is doing and hoping that Sandy emails me soon with an update. Smile

Today, I’m thinking of Jen in Australia and Hamza in Saudi Arabia and all of my grieving friends and wondering how you are doing.

Today, I’m going to spend time with an old friend I haven’t seen in over a month.

And today, I’m going to listen.

Listen to friends.

Listen to nature.

Listen for God.

Maybe when I begin to hear Him again more clearly, I will have something to say that means something.

Until then, I’m trusting my wordlessness to Him.

I’m giving Him my nothing and asking Him to make something.

And I’m praying you will give Him all of your nothing too.

See what He can do!

I’m excited!

“He is enough!”

5 thoughts on “Giving God Your "Nothingness"…….

  1. God bless you Tammy! You are such a sweet woman with such a sweet soul. Even when you don’t have anything to write, your post means so much in asking for prayers for others and telling others how to listen and what to listen to.

    Will be praying for the people you mention, that God will touch their lives and the lives of the doctors/surgeons.

    Love you,

  2. O Tammy! I feel the someway at times…that “And sometimes I feel like my “better” isn’t that much “better” than it was yesterday or the day before or even a year ago”.
    Thank you for saying that. It is encouraging to me to know such a godly woman, at times feels just like me!

    I also appreciate your mentioning all those who are in need of prayer, when I don’t know how or what to pray for I just start with all those that come to mind that I know need God…

    I LOVE you!

    Cheryl S

  3. Thank you for thinking of me. You are often in my thoughts and prayers also.

    I loved this post and agree that my better doesn’t seem to be getting much better as the years go by. But maybe that is how it should be. Not how we see ourselves but how others and God see us. I know a few times in the past months I have had different people tell me that I am a very wise woman. I must admit I think they must be talking about someone else. That is certainly not how I see myself. But I guess my trying to give Godly advice has been a success. Praise to the Lord for that and the Holy Spirit that I try to let guide me.

    Just keep on keeping in touch with us. Your wisdom comes through in so many ways.

  4. You are so silly! Even when you think you don’t have anything to share…you still touch lives simply by saying “I have nothing”. It lets us allknow that we are only human and we all walk thru dry places..HE is just getting you ready for a great blog