Go Titans!!!

Tomorrow I’m subbing again at the middle school, and I’m so excited because I get to wear one of Nick’s Titans’ jerseys!!!

I love any chance to feel nearer to Nick. I know kids will remember him tomorrow and share stories about him, and that always makes me smile!!!

Goodness, grief is such a monster. I take deep breaths and press on.

Nick, you continue to make me a better person. Thank you.

God, Only You could take something so painful and somehow transform it daily into something so beautiful. I never wanted to be where I am now. Living without Nick. Living without Adrienne. And yet, You have shown me step by step that life is not about “what I want,” it is about You. Nick knew that. Thank you for allowing me to be the mom to such an amazing young man. I am blessed. And I believe with all of my being that You will redeem our time apart with a huge reunion. Thank you, Lord, for that eternal Hope. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

5 thoughts on “Go Titans!!!

  1. So many times I have wanted to leave comments on here and I am such a computer dummy I didn’t know how!! I will try to make this short, I get carried away sometimes. lol I could never even begin to understand what all you and your family have gone through, and I don’t understand while GOD chooses to heal some people here and to heal some by bringing them HOME, but one thing that I know for certain is that you, your family, and NICK have ministered to the world in a mighty way. The other day I was driving to Ashland and I always check out what the church marques say wherever I go, just a little something I enjoy. Anyway, the 13th street freewill baptist church caught my eye. It said ” WATCH YOUR STEP, EVERYONE ELSE DOES “. At first my thoughts on this were probably quite obvious, I thought yes we have to watch what we are doing at all times. Non-christians are just waiting to judge us and see us make mistakes, satan loves to take our witness away by this, but after I thought about it some more, I suddenly thought of you and your family and I began to see it in a different way. The world is watching us as we go through tragedies, they watched you, saw that you didn’t turn from the LORD, but let him draw you closer, and use you to minister to the world. Your blogs and e-mails have helped me more times than I can tell you. I am proud to call you my sister in CHRIST!!! I will continue to remember you and yours in prayer and you please remember my family in prayer as well. I have a sister who has been addicted to drugs and alcohol for over 10 years, she has been in and out of jail. Her name is Tomi. I will close for now, sorry this was so long. GOD BLESS!!! OH, AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR MY OWN LITTLE PERSONAL HUG!!! STEPHANIE

  2. You know lady…. you’re a blessing to SO many people. I just love your heart and your warmth and your love that you pour out to others. I love your hugs and I love your smile. I love the tears that we shared in the same room and even through the computer/cyber space lines. I love the little scripture promises you have been leaving on facebook lately and I love that our boys are playing together in Heaven. I love YOU dear friend and I hope that one day we will see each other once again, face to face because I really want a REAL hug… and to share a cup of coffee over a box of Kleenex.

    Keep letting your light shine honey… because it truly IS lighting up the darkness!