Hanging in there…………

We were able to experience Monday Night Football LIVE in Nashville last night!
We had such a great time!
Thank you, Mike and Carol, and all of your friends for such a special evening!!!

I also wanted to send a quick note to all of you who check my blog to say “thank you” for praying so fervently for our family….you can see from the photo that I am a little weary….especially under the eyes! You can also see that my last-minute hair coloring job the morning before we left for the game resulted in BLACK HAIR!

Funny how my perspective on things like this has changed so much! It’s just hair!

I love you all and will write more soon.


8 thoughts on “Hanging in there…………

  1. I’m really glad to see the pic of you guys there. Everything you all are going thru has certainly changed my perspective on a lot of things, as it should.

  2. Wow is that fabulous! What a great picture, so glad you were all able to do that. And you know what, you look great no matter the hair color. Praying on…

    Love ya,

  3. Oh Tammy…

    So blessed to read you guys had a nice time at the game last night.

    I’m covering you, Nick and your entire family in prayer daily.

    I pray you feel each prayer, word of comfort and most of all, God’s loving arms holding you up, comforting you, and soothing your weary heart.

    Keep holding on my sweet friend♥

  4. I am so very glad you and Nick had a great time at the game. I bet he still has a smile on his face. You look good with black hair and I bet Tim doesn’t mind at all. You are so right, It is just hair.
    Thinking about you every single day. Much love, Charlotte

  5. Nick, are you in there???
    Has anyone realized how truly amazing it is that Nick is attending this game? I say, “Praise God!” And Tammy, you just look like a “I’m-lovin’-this moment-kinda-Mom….(with black hair)” 🙂 Keep praisin’!!!

  6. Great photo (and I kinda thought the hair was cute!)…was it cold, or what!?!? So glad God worried out all the details….He is interested in everything for us – even fun! GO TITANS!!

    Love ya much, Jennifer