I Know He’s Saying Something…..

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

Matt. 7:7-8

Today, my substitute teaching job involved going on a “field trip” to a small, old amusement park near our town.  It worked out to be a great day, because Olivia’s class was going on the field trip too!


IMG_8073 About three hours into the day, I ventured to the pink “girl’s room” and was surprised to find a doorway with an exit that looked as if it had possibly been there since the opening days of the park (see opening date on sign above). IMG_8098I’m not sure where this door led…..I’m now wishing I would have just peeked around the corner to see if this was really somewhere people were allowed to go; but at the time, getting out of the pink “girl’s room” seemed much more important to me.


I am glad I took a minute to snap these photos, though, because my first thought when I saw this door standing wide open with such a dangerous-looking exit was this:


See, I’m in the middle of a HUGE praying/waiting/decision-making time in my life…….and I am trying so hard to listen for God, wait on God, and yet step out in the direction God longs for me to go…….and to be honest, in the midst of all of our life-changes in our home, it is not always easy to hear/see/understand exactly where God is leading.

I have prayed many times, “God, I will do EXACTLY what You want me to do in life, but could You please send just a Post-it Note saying, ‘Tammy, do this or do that.'” 

Maybe you are in the same kind of season or maybe you have been in the past…..

If so, I’d love your thoughts on “open doors.”

Praying, asking, seeking, and waiting,

3 thoughts on “I Know He’s Saying Something…..

  1. Yes, I always olong for a note as well. My husband used to ask for a BIG sign. But if that happened we wouldn’t need faith would we? My way is to pray, think, then do what comes to hand or seems to fall into place. What seems right, I guess, then my fervant prayer is that God will shut the door please if it is wrong. I am so glad the HOly Spirit lives in me because I am sure I need his leading all the time. I do believe that as we mature in the things of God that peace leaves us if we are really doing the wrong thing. I believe that God is so loving that sometimes when I ask him what I should He asks me, “Well what would you like to do?”

    Praying that you hear and receive the guidance you need just at this time.


  2. God has made it to where our lives are full of choices. We have the choice to believe in Him or to not-
    that is our first choice. The list goes on and on after that. He wants to know what you’ll do when given control. Will you step through or will you wait… the choice is yours. Don’t get stuck in that waiting place for too long. Don’t become a waiter arounder. Live.

  3. I love both of those thoughts………and you are both so right………….

    Praying for doors to close if they are not the right doors


    Praying that I don’t get stuck in the place of “waiting” for too long.

    Thank you, Jen and Cheri!! 🙂