My Email Today about Nick

Dearest, Dearest Prayer Warriors,

I write this with great fear that anyone who reads it may in some way lose their faith in the power of prayer. I have had the entire day-and believe me it has taken the entire day-to come to grips with what we are facing and now share with you.

First, Nick’s MRI was at 6:30 this morning.

The results were definitely far from what we desired. Nick has a tumor growing somewhere behind his ear that is inoperable. He has another tumor (or bleeding) on the top of his brain, and it appears that there may be some cancer in the bone of his vertebrae. I hope I am saying this all correctly.

Second, at this point there is no surgery scheduled. He will have a catscan in two weeks in Columbus to see what is going on in greater detail.

Until then, Tim is feverishly contacting other medical facilities and doctors to get other opinions.

I have gone from crying to not being able to walk to everything in between. Right this minute, though, all is well. Nick and my mom are in our pool. Nick is a little depressed about the news, but he is once again taking everything with his great spirit. I don’t think he grasps the depths of the news….he just knows that we are waiting for some phone calls. Seeing him in the pool makes me smile and for today I will embrace this smile.

Thank you to ALL of my friends who stopped by to spend time with me throughout the day. THe hugs and prayers meant the world to me.

Thank you, Cynde, for sitting with me this morning while I waited for the call and for dealing with me as I went through every emotion imaginable.

I will write more later. I want to go spend time with Nick in the water.

I love you all and Tim and I still believe that God is working in ways that are higher than our ways.

I keep telling myself that He was not surprised at the news we received today, and He is still on His throne loving Nick and smoothing the rough road ahead of us.

What more can I ask for?

With love and thanks for every prayer,

Joshua 1:9

12 thoughts on “My Email Today about Nick

  1. Oh, Tammy!! There are no words, so I will not even try.

    I will continue to pray, asking God to bring you and your entire family to my mind when you most need it!!

    Love to you-

  2. Oh my precious sweet friend…my heart is sooo heavy for you all, at this devastating news..but this battle is not ours but God’s.

    Please cling to him and rest in his providential care and tender mercies…we are holding you all up in prayer, and like Moses, when your arms grow weak in extending them up to the Father, we, as your sisters will come alongside and support that weight with you. I am praying my special “refuge from the storm” scripture for you right now..Psalm 61.. WHEN MY
    (SISTERS)HEART is overwhelmed, please lead us to the ROCK that is higher than I. You are loved and surrounded by prayer warriors!! SO MUCH LOVE to you all!! Your FRONT PORCH SIS, SHARON

  3. Dearest Tammy,

    I’m just getting over here, and after reading this, there is a huge lump in my throat.

    I wish more then ever I could reach through this screen to hug you and hold you, and even cry with you.

    I can’t imagine the weight of those words, yet I know God is right there beside you holding you closer then ever before.

    The scripture that comes to mind now is this:

    “Neither know we what to do; but our eyes are, upon thee” (2 Chron. 20:12).

    I’m praying for the Lord to cover you with His love, comfort and PEACE that passes ALL understanding for the days ahead.

    Please know I’m here in any way you need me. Meanwhile I’ll continue to pray and cry out on Nick’s behalf.

    Blessings and hugs are coming your way today,


  4. Tammy, my heart weeps for you. I’m amazed at your strength in the midst of all you’ve been through. You’re one amazing woman and you are touching so many lives as you walk step by step through what seems like a horrible nightmare.

    My prayer for you, for Nick, for your whole family is for hope. May it never leave you.

  5. Tammy,

    I saw on Susan’s blog the news on your precious son. I’m so sorry! I can’t even begin to imagine all your feelings and emotions. But, you are so correct, God wasn’t surprised and in fact he already knew. We tell ourselves the same thing each time my sister has her testing. She was diagnosed last November with an aggressive brain tumor.

    I will most certainly be praying for Nick and your family.

    My sister, Jan treats at M.D. Anderson in Houston and is doing well. Not sure if your husband has contacted them.

    On my knees,

  6. Tammy, I just discovered your blog today. It is lovely, I am sorry your family is going through this. I will pray as well.


  7. I will pray for Nick and trust the Lord that He will provide healing. I just came across your blog and wanted to know I will be joining you all in prayer.

  8. Tammy,
    I found your blog yesterday through a friend on myspace. When I read it I was….as Sheryl said there are no words. Being a mom I can only whisper at what you must be feeling. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. May God bring you strength, wisdom, healing and most of all keep you surrounded by his love.

    Take care!

    Christine Alley-Larrabee

  9. Heavenly Father,

    Pour out your perfect peace to this precious family. Please God do a miracle healing for Nick. Give the doctors wisdom as to the best treatment for him. Bring comfort and love to their entire family. Please Lord wrap your arms around them and let them know you will never leave them and show them how much you love them.

  10. Tammy,
    First, I apologize for not commenting on Monday. Somehow I overlooked your blog on my feed list.

    I just stopped and said a prayer for Nick and your family.

    There are no words to say. I know your heart is breaking yet He is sustaining you.