Needing Prayer……..

I always hesitate to be so “open” with pain, but I find myself staring at the computer tonight realizing that if I write anything but the truth then I am becoming a fraudulent blogger.

We are dealing with some things right now in our home that are surfacing from grief……

things I cannot fix

things I cannot control

things I wish I could pretend weren’t that big of a deal

But they are.

So, I come to you tonight as a sad mom who needs her family lifted up in a big way.

Grief has reared its ugly heard, and we are trusting God to pull our family through yet another valley.

Being sad is one thing.

Not being able to help someone else’s sadness get better is another.

Trusting in the One Who Promises to turn our Sorrow into Joy,

5 thoughts on “Needing Prayer……..

  1. I will pray for you and ask God to hear your prayer and heal whatever it is that you need during this time. You certainly have had rough times and I will ask the Lord to bestow some peace and wrap your entire household in his arms. Sandy from MD.

  2. I will pray that the Lord will uphold you with his grace and love. I know that you know he is always there, always listening and always caring, but I ask for a supernatural, miraculous act of his love in supplying all that you need as a family right now. For each one far beyond anything we can ask or imagine.
    I pray for peace and sleep and rest to restore your souls and that you and Tim would have wisdom in how to deal with whatever it is you are going through right now.

    Remember , He is faithful!! Love from Australia

    Me thinks you are might be in need of another dose of beach.

  3. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for sharing. Lifting your entire family in prayer before our Heavenly Father!

    (Psalms 120:1 DR) 1 In my trouble I cried to the Lord: and he heard me.

    Love you!
    Tammy A. from PA

  4. Thank you all. Thank you. Knowing prayers are being lifted by all of you brightens my day. I am in my planning period and don’t usually visit here, but today I think I needed to know that you heard me and were praying……..I never want to be melodramatic but at the same time I can’t pretend that life is always easy. I wish I could share more details but I know you understand that sometimes God is the one Who needs to know those things and work in only ways that He can.

    Thank you for praying. Thank you.

    And yes, Jennifer, another dose of the Australian beach would be so good for me!! Send a video again anytime! It soothed my soul last time just seeing and hearing the waves coming in on the other side of the world. The best part, though, was hearing your sweet Australian voice narrate!!!

    Love to all of you,