Only a Minute…….

Some mornings my mind is spinning with things I want to say, but at the very same time, the hands on the clock seem to be spinning too…….

Closer and closer to the moment when I need to head out the door to school.

This morning is one of those mornings.

I pushed snooze too many times.

I couldn’t find the shirt I like to wear under my FCA t-shirt.

Those little things that make minutes disappear too quickly.

As I was blow-drying my hair, though, I thought of all of you.  I always do.

I thought of how you strengthen me.  I thought of how you are like a cloud of earthly witnesses to me and how I hope that in some small way I give back to you in return for how you give to me with your prayers and love.

And I had to step out of my “morning hustle” and simply take a minute to say,

“Good morning, and I love you!”

Have a happy Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Only a Minute…….

  1. Good morning to you, too!! Praying that today is extra special in some small way…

    I think of you so often. And Nick, too!!

    Hugs – Jennifer

  2. Tammy I look so forward everyday to read you blog.. Good morning and I love you!!!

  3. Reading your blog each day makes my day more special. You always find the words that make it into my heart. Thanks for making each day more special and for helping me to find God in things I never thought about before. You simply amaze me with how you see God in all the little things around us each day. Your blog is so awesome for me and everyone who reads it. Thanks for sharing your personal insights each day with all of us.
    Love ya bunches….and have a wonderful day. :O) Sherry