Our Saddest Day….Nick’s Most Wonderful Day

Dear Precious Prayer Warriors,

You know I just couldn’t end my day without spending time with all of you who have grown to hold sucha special place in my heart.

First, I have to say that Nick’s journey may have ended in a physical sense today, but Nick’s journey is only beginning in a spiritual sense. While my heart is literally torn in two, I know deep inside that Nick is with His Heavenly Father…………safe in the arms we have all laid him in time and time again in prayer. And Nick’s journey will continue here on earth as well. A foundation will be beginning in Nick’s name. Through this foundation Nick’s life will touch others for years to come as we give college scholarships, promote literacy in children, minister to hurting families and sick children, and help support missions worldwide. Nicholas Yancy Nischan stil has work to do!

Second, I have to share with you a little about the past couple of days at our house. All of our kids have been home, which in and of itself has been wonderful. Erich, our oldest son who is a junior in nursing school, has been more help than I could possibly EVERY put into words. Nick’s health had weakened to the point that we could not have made it without Erich’s strength, knowledge, and love for Nick. Evan’s humor kept Nick’s spirits up on many occasions. Todd and Olivia continued with their “normal” activities of computer/cell phone life (Todd) and sleepovers and basketball (Olivia). I believe that these normal events also kept Nick’s spirits up. One evening a little friend of Olivia’s stayed all night and we made gingerbread cookies. I came down and asked Nick if he would like to make one if I brought him a pan and a cookie cutter. He said, “no,” until Mamaw had the great idea that he could give the gingerbreadman a gun! Nick cut out a man and Mamaw helped him create a nice-sized bazooka in one of its arms!

Thanksgiving morning Nick was lying on the couch upstairs and mamaw was under his feet holding her dog, Amber. I was sitting with Nick’s head on my lap on a pillow. The tumors were so hard to look at but deep inside I just kept praying that they would shrink….that Nick’s head would be totally healed. As we sat there together, Nick patted the blanket and said, “Amber,” in a sweet little voice, trying to get Mom’s dog’s attention. Then when Amber looked at him, he said, “This is the life.” And honestly, Nick meant it. He had me at one end of the couch, and my mom at the other end of the couch. He was under a blankie and there were no needles and in his mind no worries. He had great peace. To him it truly was “the life!”

He was able to eat a little for Thanksgiving dinner and then of course we watched the Titans have their 11th victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a score of 47 to 10!! I of course loved the numbers, and Tim told me later that Nick was so glad the Lions didn’t score 1 more point! He knew I would have totally flipped out then. But truthfully the 47 points combined with the 11th win was enough for me to know that God was with us in a very special way. Nick napped off and on throughout the afternoon, and then late in the day, as I was sitting by him holding his hand I noticed that his hands were tightening up and he kept looking over at me but not really talking. I felt very nervous and honestly thought that maybe he was going to die at that time, but mom said she thought he was having a seizure and we were able to give him some medicine that really relaxed him. We called Martha, my very dear friend who has been such an unbelievable nurse to Nick over the past few weeks. She and Linda (our other special nurse and friend) came within minutes and stayed for a while to make sure things were okay. I did not want to take Nick to the hospital……the thought of having him endure any needles was more than I could bear.

Nick fell to sleep peacefully that evening, but on Friday morning it was apparent that Nick was not waking up from his sleep. It was as if he were in a coma. All day long he slept without responding to us when we would talk. The boys would take turns talking to him and they even brought Rock Band down to the room with him and played for a while hoping he would hear and want to wake up and be a part of the action. Friday night at midnight, Mom, Erich, Tim, and I were still up (Olivia had gone to stay at a friend’s house) and I had bought the movie, “The Nativity” which we decided to watch. It was such a beautiful reminder of the amazing plan God had in bringing His Son into this world, and I just hope and pray that Nick could hear the movie as he slept there with us watching it.

This morning, Nick’s breathing seemed much more strained, but he still would not respond when we talked to him. Evan, who normally sleeps in very late, was up by a little after 9 and was sitting right at Nick’s head just watching him and touching his shoulder. I came down and suggested Evan get under his feet and rub them for a while. I looked down into the room a bit later and Evan had leaned over on Nick and was holding hand and was sleeping. I wanted to take a picture, but I chose to just take one with my heart. It just didn’t seem right to violate that moment for Evan. But I couldn’t help but think of the verse that says Mary, “pondered all these things in her heart.” That is what I have tried so hard to do this Thanksgiving break….simply ponder and soak up every precious minute. Every single word.

Around 11 (I think), I had been outside talking to mom for a minute on the porch about Nick’s condition and then came in to give him another kiss. I noticed that something did not seem quite right and went to get mom. I called Martha and a couple of other people from church and they were at our house within minutes. It was amazing how Nick seemed to know that the stage was set for his beautiful departure to glory. Erich came to hold his hand and was crying, Todd came down beside him and cried harder than I have ever heard him cry in my life, Evan sat at Nick’s side and held onto him crying, Caleb (Todd and Nick’s buddy from birth sat right there along with us), and my brother got there in time to be with us too. Tim was at Nick’s head and I was at Nick’s side……………It was so hard to let go and whisper in Nick’s ear that it was okay to go. I reminded him of Bill Leamon and John Mark Pemberton….I asked him to take care of Adrienne until we get there………….I told him we would be there soon. Mom sat at Nick’s feet and told him she loved him too. It was a moment in time that I will hold close to my heart every minute of every day for the rest of my life. Nick simply began breathing less and less frequently until he took his last breath.

From that moment on our house has been a constant whirlwind of friends and family. We are sure that at least 100 people have been in and out of our home today. We feel so loved and so thankful. I have so much more to say, but I know that I am already going to be in trouble for the hour at which I am writing this. For tonight, I have to say this, Of all moms ever handed a child, I consider myself one of the most blessed to have been handed Nicholas Yancy Nischan, my sweet Nick. Oh, please know that I have cried so many times today.

I will share tomorrow about Olivia’s learning of Nick’s passing.

Tonight as I went up to get my computer, I saw Nick’s cell phone lying on the table still hooked to its charger from Thanksgiving Day. I just broke down in my mom’s arms. Oh, I love Nick so much. I will miss him more than words can ever say…..EVER SAY. However, I am determined and committed to being the vessel through which Nick’s testimony and love for God will touch lives from this day forward. I will share more with you later about how you can be a part of Nick’s continuing journey.

Olivia so sweetly said tonight, “I would love it if Nick showed up at his foundation.” Then she said, “He probably won’t though.” It was so precious. She misses him so much. I told her Nick will be everywhere we are. At every game, every concert, everything. Oh, I love you all so much.

I have a lot to learn about prayer and miracles and times when prayers seem to not be answered in the ways we desire………….. I hope and pray that you will walk this chapter of Nick’s journey with me as faithfully as you did the first.

With Gratitude for Every Prayer Whispered on Nick’s Behalf,

Tammy (and Tim)

104 thoughts on “Our Saddest Day….Nick’s Most Wonderful Day

  1. Tammy, thank you for your honesty and openness. Our hearts are aching for you and yet at the same time we are praising the Father for the glory you are bringing to Him through all of it. I am amazed at how you are allowing Him to work in all of this and know that Nick’s life will continue to touch people for years to come. Thank you for walking this path for the glory of the Lord. ~Mandy and Andy Martin

  2. Dear Tammy
    As I sit here with tears running down my face after reading your blog for today I am reminded how fragile life is.
    I can only imagine how your heart aches for the son that is gone in this life but joy in your heart for the son who lives ETERNITY!
    May our God of Peace comfort you at this time.~ Deborah Peterson

  3. God bless you and your family, Tammy. You have been a major blessing to me as I have followed Nick’s journay and prayed for your family.
    Love in Him

  4. I’ve thought about Nick every single day since I first came across his story. What a fascinating and blessed life your son has led! To have his family and friends by his side when his time came to pass over into greater Hands… I will miss you, Nick, and I am crying as I write this, but your legacy will live on forever. Thumbs up to a life truly led to the fullest!

  5. Dear Tammy,
    Weeping as I read the news of Nick’s Graduation to Glory, my mind went to 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. May this reminder bring some measure of comfort to you, Tim, and your family.
    “But we do not want you to be uninformed, brethren, about those who are asleep, so that you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep in Jesus… Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words.”

    Ed (Penny & James) Fernandez

  6. Tammy,

    We are praying for your family. We pray that God will shower you with His peace that passes all understanding.

    Kevin & Julie Pickett

  7. Tammy,

    I wish there were words to let you how precious our new freindship has been to me – what a strength I find in your testimony and faith. My heart is broken for you…I weep with you and, yet, share the peace that only comes from our Heavenly Father.

    I know our boys have found one another and are busy exploring Heaven together! I love you, my sweet friend!

  8. we at the nhcc will always remember Nick. He was so sweet and kind. he will live in everyones hearts forever.~NHCC member

  9. We love you and haven’t stopped praying for you & crying with you. We celebrate Nick’s complete healing but are sad to see him go. Thinking of and praying for you in every moment,
    David, Mary & Cara

  10. Dearest Tammy,
    Thank you for being you. Being real to us here on the blog. I sit here and cry as I read your words, as though I have known your family for years.

    I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking and praying for your family at this time but thinking how amazing Nick is doing now. Free of cancer and living his new life for His Heavenly Father. That is so rewarding for Nick and comforting for you.

    Please remember your special times with him and always keep them close to your heart..and I am sure that Nick will live on!

    May Peace be with you at this time… Praying that God will get your family through such a time of sorrow..

  11. Kim and I are praying for you and Tim and your family. Our tears join with yours, as we look for that day when every tear will be wiped away. May God’s grace continue to wash over you.

    Jeff & Kim Dye

  12. Dear Tammy:
    Our hearts are deeply touched by the journey of Nick and the entire Nischan family. We weep with you. We hope with you. We praise God with you as we know Nick is Home and we will see Him again. Nick’s journey is far from over. It’s just beginning! He is with God for eternity! His life on earth has touched other lives forever! You are never alone, dear friend, and neither is Nick! We love you and we’re praying your through!~~Tim, Terri, Rachel & Micah Lorenz

  13. Thank you for sharing Nick and your family with all of us. His story and victory have inspired many and he will be missed. I can only imagine the celebration that is taking place in Heaven. Your words, hope and faith have made me a better person, mother, and Christian. Words can never express the love that I have for your family and how truly blessed I feel to be one of Nick’s many prayer warriors. My prayers will continue for you and your family and the days to come. We love you all!

  14. Tammy, You are such an amazing woman. Reading your post and hearing Nick’s fight reinforces my faith. You all are so inspiring. Nick’s story is one everyone fighting the battle with this disease should hear. Your messages are so uplifting even in times of struggle. Thanks for sharing your story. May God Bless you and your family, I know he will.

  15. Tammy,
    As I sat here this Sunday morning and have read your blog, tears running down my face while my heart aches for you and your family. Your family has been such an inspiration to all of us. We know that your strength comes from God. He alone gives such peace. Nick has touched so many people young and old. Our prayers are with all of you as we continue to journey this walk with you. Thank you for sharing so many of your personal moments with us. We love your family.(I hope you enjoy the picture that Amy took of your family tree.) She captured a moment in time that I know is special to you. Enjoy! We love you all. Our prayers are with your whole family.
    In Christ,
    Judy and Pat

  16. I was saddened to hear of Nicks passing, but It must be amazing that Nick has met our father. He sounded like a wonderful young man and I can only imagine him meeting Jesus and Jesus knowing he was such a faithful servant of the Lord. Just reading your blog and Nick’s has touched me in so many ways. My heart is breaking for you. So many of us are joining in your tears and joining in this next part of Nick’s journey. My prayers go out to you and your family and there will not be a day that goes by that Nick doesn’t touch my life. Even though I never met him, through your blog and his, I have grown to see what an amazing young man he is. I do believe the Father holds a special place for him who touched so many lives just by being Nick.

  17. I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I’m so sorry for your loss but rejoicing in Nick’s homegoing! You all are in my prayers.

  18. Dear Tammy and Fmaily! I have been following your blog for quite some time. I thank you for being so honest and caring and just thank you for sharing your days with all of us readers. We will continue to pray daily for you and your family. God is a awesome God. Stay strong in your faith!!! Brooke Perry

  19. Dear Tammy,
    That was such a beauitful post. Like many others, I had tears in my eyes the entire time I was reading it. Your faith, strength, and realness is what leads me to your blog everyday…and I will continue to check in each day. As I read your posts from earlier this week, my heart broke because I could tell Nick was getting weaker. I had a sense this was his time to leave the earth and go to his true home. I am so glad he was able to be at home during his last moments and not in the hospital hooked up to machines and needles. That is a gift. Please know that I am thinking about you and your family. All of you are in my prayers. I pray that it fill Your heart with peace knowing that
    Nick is completely free from all pain and suffering. He is waiting for you in paradise.

  20. Tammy,

    I was so saddened to hear about Nick. Praise God we have that promise of seeing our loved ones again!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and Nicks journey with us. I hope you know the impact your blog has had on my life and I’m sure many others. Your strength amazes me!

    God bless you and your family today.

  21. Tammy,
    You will remain in my thoughts and prayers in the days ahead as I know that these will not be easy days…

    May all of these comments be a small indication to you of the many lives that you and your family have touched over the years. What a testimony of God’s faithfulness you have written on a daily basis!

    I love you Tammy… more than words can say… and I am with you in these days ahead as well.


  22. Tammy,
    As I pass this news along to Charlie as he is sick and is at Markey Cancer Center right now he sends his Love as do I and we Know that Nick Is in his Glory now.
    Love You

  23. My dear sweet Tammy,

    So many emotions rise during a difficult time such as this. From being terribly saddened by your loss, to being so extremely happy for Nick getting to sit at the feet of Jesus. I am reminded of one thing that I hope will bring your heart everlasting peace… At “Nick Nischan Day”, he was given a key to the city of Grayson by our mayor. But what a joy it must’ve been for him to receive a key to the city of Heaven by our Lord on Saturday morning! I can’t imagine the hurt you are experiencing right now, but please know that you are thought of often. And your name is being lifted to the Father who now holds Nick in His own mighty hands.

    I love you more than words can ever express,
    Trish Brammell

  24. Nischan Family,
    Although, I never got the opportunity to meet Nick I’ve heard so many wonderful things about him. He was such a role model to everyone by being such a wonderful Christian and being so positive. I want you to know that my heart and prayers are with your family during this time.

    Ecclesiastes 3
    A Time for Everything
    1 There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under heaven:
    2 a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,

    3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,

    4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,

    5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain,

    6 a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,

    7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,

    8 a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace.

    Love you!

  25. Tammy and Family~~

    I am very saddened by your loss, you all have been in my thoughts and prayers for awhile now. You don’t know me, but I feel like a sort of know you. You opened up your heart to strangers and allowed us to come alongside you in prayer. Thank you for that privledge. Words cannot express fully how much you sharing this walk has helped me and my family. Please know that Nicks memory will certainly live on, even those that he never even knew.

    We will continue to lift you all up to the throne of grace during this time.

  26. Tammy, as I read your post with tears flowing down my face, I am amazed at the wonderful friend and mother that you are. Nick is heal and is so happy. I know this must be THE hardest thing a mother could go through and through this trial you are praising God and being such a blessing to us. We are praying for you and your family.

  27. I can’t imagine the pain of giving up a child. But know that he is in the arms of his HEAVENLY FATHER who loves him so much more than is possible on this earth. We don’t know the answers here but we will understand everything when we reach our Heavenly home. Nick and Adrienna are both waiting for you on that Heavenly shore. Thank you Tammy for sharing Nick’s life. My prayers are with you and your family as you go through the next few days.

  28. Tammy, I can’t express to you the pain I feel from the loss of Nick. I can’t fathom the pain you must feel. Nick was the sweetest, most precious child I have ever met. His love for God, even as a child, was amazing. Thank you for your testimony. I will always hold Nick dear to my heart. I am so blessed that I have been able to know him so dearly.

  29. Nick always brought a smile. I feel blessed to have known him this year. He was without a doubt, the most brave young man I have ever known. I know there is nothing I can ever do or say that can make your heart stop aching. Just know that I LOVE YOU and I am here for you. A parent should never have to lose a child and there was such a bright future for him. However, he lives on through us all. There will always be a place in our hearts for you and your family and especially for Nick. He has replaced his trusty hat for his everlasting crown. We love you!
    Amy Parsons

  30. Dearest Nischan Family,
    Our family is so sad to hear about Nick. We have grown to love your family through your blogs. Several families in Arizona have been praying for your family in Kentucky.
    This is just the beginning of Nicks new life. I hope you can find peace. I sit here crying for you, with you and alittle for myself. These are reminders that makes me miss my son so very much. Scott was quite the fighter just like Nick. I am positive they will meet in Heaven and become fast friends. I believe everyone is correct…Nick will touch lives forever. He was a force to be reckoned with that no one will ever forget. May god bless you and keep you safe my dear friend~*~ Charlotte

  31. Kim at Nothing Can Separate us wrote a post about your son. I am so sorry for your loss. You will be in my prayers. Your post was amazing. God is your strength and I’m sure He will be though the days ahead.
    God be with you.

  32. Oh Tammy…

    I’m just so sorry. My heart is broken for you. I wish more then ever I could be there now with you and your family.

    It’s been such an HONOR to have prayed and get to know your precious Nick. What a legacy this child has left. One that will live on in so many lives and hearts, forever.

    I look forward to the day I will get to met your sweet Nick. I’ll know that smile. His life has touched mine so deeply.

    Thank you Tammy for sharing these sacred moments with us. I knew he would leave in peace.

    I’m here for you now, and yes, for the journey ahead.

    Thanks for allowing us to travel along, to learn, and to personally witness the grace of God like never before.

    Love you Tammy~

  33. Tim and Tammy,

    As a Mother, I know the words have never been created that can comfort a parent who has lost a child. May the true Comforter bring peace to your hearts and ease your sorrow. I hope one day that you will truly know what an immense impact your beautiful son and family have had on so many. All because of your willingness to share this bittersweet journey, people have loved deeper, forgiven more freely, and lived happier. Children have been cherished stronger, hugged more often and longer. Faith has been strengthened and God has been worshipped more vigorously with perhaps His name crossing lips that had previously never evoked it. What an incredible legacy…..

    Your son is with God’s Son. He had the perfect healing. His beautiful brown eyes are wide and his smile is radiant.

    May God bless and comfort you and your children.


  34. My Sweet Friend- You are an amazing blessing! May God continue to use Nick in amazing ways. Thank you for taking us on the this journey with you and thank you for your sweet spirit. I know you will miss your sweet boy, but there will be a great reunion my friend. I love you!

    Beth Wyatt

  35. Tammy,

    My heart is breaking at the news that Nick passed away. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now. There are no “right” words to say, other than GOD BLESS YOU and your family. May the Good Lord surround you with peace and comfort as you face the days ahead. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

  36. Tammy,
    When I first heard of Nick’s passing it was in disbelief – he has touched so many lives in his short time on earth and will continue to do so through his spirit. Your son with his deep faith and unrelenting courage and strength has touched my life in many ways. You and your family are in my prayers and I know that God will surround you with his love and protect you all during these difficult times. Your faith has been unwaivering – you are an inspiration to me. As a mother myself, my heart aches for you – I can only imagine the heartbreak you must feel, but the comfort in knowing he is no longer in pain and is with his Heavenly Father must be of great comfort. Nick, you and your family are a true witness to the glories of God and unwaivering faith. Thank you for that. You are in my prayers that you will find comfort and strength in the days ahead.
    Lori Messer Adkins
    Morehead, KY

  37. Tammy/Tim – Family – thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself on Nick’s incredible journey – please know you are being lifted up during this time ….

    Trista Todd- Davis

  38. I’m here from Joanne’s blog. I’m so very sorry for your loss. What a testimony to your son your are!
    We’re praying for you and your family.

  39. Tammy,

    We only met a few times at KCU, but I want you to know that Nick’s story has truly touched and affected me. I’ve been praying for him for years and was so sorry to hear of his passing this weekend.

    We have been dealing with the possibility of a life-threatening disorder in our baby boy and your words have strengthened me.

    No parent should ever have to outlive their child, but those that do can only hope to do so with the grace and strength that you have.

    Our family will continue to pray for your amazing family and I look forward to seeing the work Nick, through his foundation, will do for so many.

  40. Our loss is definately Heaven’s gain! Nick will never have to endure another needle, another radiation treatment, or another tumor! His brand-new body is absolutely perfect now! I heard a song on the radio this morning and I wept while thinking of you. I think Casting Crowns sings it maybe? But it reminded me that even though we are mourning the loss of Nick, we are also praising God that Nick is no longer suffering.

    “I’ll praise You in this storm,
    and I will lift my hands.
    For You are who You are,
    no matter where I am.
    And every tear I’ve cried,
    You hold in Your hands.
    You’ve never left my side,
    and though my heart is torn,
    I will praise You in this storm.”

    We are praying for your family all around the world and back!

  41. Tammy and Tim.. I want you to know that I have prayed for you all every step of the way. As I would visit KCU and see Tim I would always ask about Nick.. You are a precious family I can just sit and remember you bringing the boys into the cafateria at school and seeing all the love you had eating as a family and watching the love just flow.. that was 1993-1997.. Tammy I always thought you were so beautiful and Tim was always a cuttie and your boys were just amazing sweet boys…. I just wanted to say.. God lets us borrow our children.. He lends them to us to take care of until he is ready for them… My heart is beating for you and your family right now because I Don’t know what I would be feeling right now…. I’m always looking at my son and thanking God for giving me another day with him.. when I think of everything your family has endured I can’t help but cry and I know sometimes why comes through your head at least it does mine.. as I sit here and listen to the rain I think Nick will not have a down day again.. he is where there is no pain no sorrow no sadness.. just smiles and praising our Lord… God bless you and your family and I will continue to remember you all in my prayers… Love in HIM… Jennine Brown Garner

  42. Tammy,
    I still have no words. I was shocked and still seem in a bit of shock since Tim emailed everyone yesterday. I cried when I read your very heartfelt email this morning. You are such an amazing person. Nick’s legacy will live on forever, you know that. He was a very special young man. Such charisma and zest for life.

    I agree with you, the way he left this earth and went forth to his new journey in Heaven was absolutely amazing. How glorious that the entire family was there with him. ONLY God could have orchestrated it. Ever since you told us that if Nick didn’t go to the game no one would, I thought that was incredible. We can now see the reason and purpose in this timing. God has truly blessed each of you by allowing you to be there and comfort Nick as he placed his eyes on Jesus.

    I love his words “this is life”. That is precious.

    My heart is so heavy. Like you, I believed for a miracle thus the residing shock.

    You continue to be in my prayers. I know your heart is torn and very heart broken. The Lord will lift you in your weakness moments, in your moments where you see no end to the pain and no light.

    I’m so thankful God has been with each of you in SO, SO many ways.

    You are loved very much!!!

  43. As I decided to check on your Nick today, my heart is hurting as I read this. Praising GOD that Nick is home now sitting at the feet of his Lord & Savior and enduring NO more pain. Asking GOD to surround you and your family in comfort today, tomorrow and all the days ahead. Thanking GOD for assuring us that we will all be reunited in our forever home…someday. Oh what a glorious day that will be. Thank you for sharing your precious Nick with all of us. Yes, you are so right, Nick will be with you all the days ahead.

  44. Dear Tammy-
    What a precious mom you are to your children. Your sweet son touched my life through your words. I am happy for Nick that he had all of you to love and cherish him on his journey. I know that it is a difficult journey to lose a child, so I pray for your family and ask the Lord to draw near and comfort you. He will. Nick’s life was well lived. Praise God for him and for you.
    Love in Christ-
    JoAnn Miller
    Macomb, MI

  45. Tammy-

    I can’t help but cry for you. I have 2 boys now and my heart just aches. I recently heard a testimony of a woman who lost her husband. God had comforted her by letting her know that at no moment was her husband ever dead… He just passed from this life to a much better one… in the arms of Jesus. In the midst of this… “yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me.” How sweet to be in the arms of Jesus… I’ll be praying for you…that God will carry this burden for you… and that he will give you peace that transcends all understanding…

    Amy Renfro Henson

  46. I have kept up with Nick’s journey through bulletins posted on myspace from his friends. I have to say from what I have read he was a remarkable young man. You my dear sister are an inspiration to all mothers. A picture of perfect love and dedication to her family, definitely a woman whose children call her blessed. I pray that you find comfort from the comforter in the days to come. You and your family will be in my prayers. God Bless.

  47. Tammy and Family, I have been following the amazing story of your family through the Morehead Prayer Chains. Many days I could not wait to read your endearing comments to raise my faith through the day. I cannot imagine the conflict you must feel to have to give up your son on Earth but to know that he is with the Son in Heaven has to be comforting. He went through so much and will now be up in Heaven looking out for you and all of your family and shining as a light through all the darkness to guide you all toward Heaven to one day be back with him. I have pain for you but joy for Nick to be in such a paradise. As my Grandfather once told me, it is always harder for the ones left behind. I will be praying for peace and comfort to surround you and the entire family. God Bless and I look forward to Nick’s continuing earthly journey through you.

  48. Just came across your blog yesterday and read of your son’s illness. I was so sorry today to read of his death but I’m giving thanks that you know where he is and that he’s safe in the comforting arms of our Savior. Praying that your whole family will feel that comfort close beside you as you adjust to Nick’s absence here. May God bring His healing to you too.

  49. Tim and Tammy, thanks for all the faithfulness in our Lord you have shown throughout all the struggle. Nick’s strength will continue to be a strength to all who have been praying so diligently over the past few years. thanks for reminding us all of the celebration that life really is in Jesus.
    Lyle & Andrea Parker

  50. Tim & Tammy:

    We are very saddened by the news of Nick’s passing. However, we celebrate the joy that Nick now knows and is experiencing being in the presence of God.

    We love you guys!!!!

    Bill & Sarah Jenkins

  51. Love you and your precious family!!! Nick was the bravest soul I have ever met! He showed us all how to live a Christ-filled life!

    I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from whence does my help come? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. He will not let you foot be moved…Psalm 121

  52. Tammy, You have just been through the HARDEST thing you’ll possibly ever go through in this life. I can’t even imagine. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your honesty has been inspirational and refreshing and through your struggles God has constantly been glorified. In the weeks and months ahead, don’t stop reaching out to your friends like you’ve done all these months. There is strength in fellowship with others..even bloggers!

    Praying for God’s love and peace for you and your family~

  53. Dear Tammy and Tim,
    This is a blessing to know that Jesus is closer to your two kids than us. Thank you for your life, showing how others should do it. Hardships or not, we will all be together if we have faith. After my accident, I wish that I would have been with Him, but He saved me for a purpose to tell others about His glory. Until the great day comes, glory to the God who has your kids and keep telling others about how awesome He is. Do not be discouraged, for you have done wonders for many! Thank you for shareing a part of your life to us, Nate and Meggan Jacobus

  54. Hello,

    I am a friend of a friend and you do not know me.

    I have been following the story of a man who recently lost his wife to cancer and has been blogging his thoughts at http://www.tysonaschilman.blogspot.com

    He is a few steps ahead of you in this journey of losing a loved one and has relied on the Lord to help him through. I thought it may be encouraging for you to read his words.

  55. As I sit her typing through tears, I cannot fathom the intensity of emotions that must be washing over you and your family. Thank you for sharing the sacred moments of your precious son’s homegoing and for the honesty of your heart through this process. May you and your family experience God’s comfort and peace as you celebrate Nick’s life.

  56. How my faith in our “Abba” has grown through your testimony over the past 20 years. I love each of you and think of you often…praying for God’s peace – “…the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension…” That it…”will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

    I hope to see you soon.

    Sarah (Funk) & Family

  57. Tammy – plase know that Will and I have thought of you and your family, prayed for you (along with every praying person that we know), and wept for you all. I’m so sorry for your all’s loss but what amazing comfort it is to know that Nick is in no pain and he’s with our Jesus. You are an amazing woman and mom and I admire your strength.
    Much love and prayers, Whitney Shouse

  58. Tammy,
    You are such an inspiration to us all! Your precious Nick will never be forgotten. He has brought us all together, and reminded us of the importance of prayer. You and your family are strong, and I admire you so much! Nick touched our community so much, and has taught us so much about life lessons! My heart breaks for you! I will praying for you daily! It’s great to know that Nick will live on in our hearts forever!

  59. Tammy, Tim and family- How I long to be there at the celebration of Nick’s life on earth and his home coming to heaven! I wont be able to make the journey, so please know that I am sending my love and prayers for your family! Oh how my heart aches for you. This song came to mind. Love you all!

    Dancing with the Angels
    Memories surround me
    But sadness has found me
    I’d do anything for more time
    Never before has someone meant more
    And I can’t get you out of my mind

    There is so much that I don’t understand
    But I know…

    You’re dancing with the angels
    Walking in new life
    You’re dancing with the angels
    Heaven fills your eyes
    Now that you’re dancing with the angels

    You had love for your family
    Love for all people
    Love for the Father, and Son
    Your heart will be heard
    In your unspoken words
    Through generations to come

    There is so much that I don’t understand
    But I know

    We’re only here for such a short time
    So I’m gonna’ stand up, shout out,
    And sing Hallelujah
    One day I’ll see you again

  60. Tammy –
    We have been praying for Nick – as well as for you and Tim and family. We are so saddened to hear of Nick’s passing, but we rejoice at HIS great reward. KNow that you are much loved, and prayed for, and cried with. With children of our own, we cannot imagine what you are going through, nor do we understand what it must be like. But we are praying. We know that Nick’s life will continue to bless so many others and that people will come to know our Lord through Nick. Thank you for allowing us to share in this intimate time in your lives. We will continue to pray as you continue to journey together. We love you.
    Rob and Cindy Shoaff

  61. I do not know you or your precious family, but am so saddened by the loss of your Nick. I will pray for God’s peace and comfort for you and your family. Lori Jackson

  62. Wow! where do I begin? First, we are praying for you all! Next, Thank You! Thank you for allowing God to show us how precious life is, by using Nick! What can I say about Nick that hasn’t already been said, but that’s just it he deserves these things to be said over and over and over again, because he is such an amazing witness to us all. I am so so sorry for the pain and the hurt that you all feel, my heart breaks for you, and we cry with you! But your son, your amazing young man…….has taught us so much!! Thank You!!!!!!
    Much Love and Many, Many Prayers!! Rob, TaLisa, Tage, & Graycee Castle

  63. Tammy, I am but a stranger to you. I came over from another friend’s blog. You story touched me deeply in ways you don’t know. First let me say, how very sorry I am for your great loss. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.

    Your strength and faith in God at this time is amazing. I have seen this in another family I know who just recently lost another member to cancer.

    My prayer is that your precious Nick will continue to touch the lives of those who didn’t even know him, but heard his story. May the Lord bring comfort to you and your family at this time.

  64. Dear Nischan Family,
    Your address has been sitting here on my desk for a month now as I pondered over what to write in a card I had planned to send your way. I read your blog yesterday with a heavy heart and then my husband and I decided to take our 1 year old little girl to church for the very first time. Your strength and faith amaze me and I have been blessed to get to know your son this past year as I kept up with the Nischan family. I can only pray that I can be the type of mother and role model for my daughter as you are to your children. You truly are an inspiration. Your family is on my mind and in my prayers….

  65. Tammy,
    I just checked my email this morning and read the news of Nick’s passing. I am so sorry. Your family will be in my prayers. I can’t imagine what you are feeling. Please know that there are so many people who came to know and love Nick through you. His spirit, strength and courage are what will live on through your family and the wonderful foundation your family is starting in his memory.

  66. Tammy,

    Today is my first time visiting your blog and I thank you for being a vessel God used in a mighty way. You are a blessing to me and have encouraged me in so many ways. May God bless you and your family and blanket you with a peace to surpass all understanding.

  67. Tammy,

    I am so, so sorry for your loss. Nick’s story and the faith of your entire family is amazing. My heart breaks for you, but I’m glad Nick is healed and with his Father.
    Much love,
    Sherry Tuttle Kenney

  68. My Dearest Tammy,
    Oh how my heart aches for you and your family.I want you to know how Nick and your family has touched our family .I think you are an amazing family all around .I want to THANK YOU!THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing “NICK and his BEAUTIFUL SMILE” with us.It is a memory I think of everyday,to be that happy is just an amazing defeat in this day and time .Nick and his smile at the “FIRST Annual JOSH BAUGHN RIDE-IN” at Rappahannock Church of Christ in Warsaw Virginia Have you ever seen that many bikers at Church? It was all for Nick !Being able to meet Nick in person was just awesome. My children talk about you guys all the time.Nick has touch our lives in a way you will never know.There are so many wonderful memories burned in our hearts that will last forever from that one special day.I cannot tell you THANK YOU enough.Until we meet again in God’s wonderful house.Our thoughts and prayers are with you .Thank you again !! In Christian Love
    The 6 Jewells “Dirt Bike MOM”

  69. ——————————————————————————–
    Heavens Gain
    Our prayers go out to your wonderful family. My daughter has been emailing me links on Nick all along and keeping me updated. I am truly sorry for your loss but Nick is heavens gain. What a wonderful brave child. He is in the arms of the lord now awaiting his family to join him someday. God bless you all. Gina Powell- Ohio

    Posted by Gina Powell

  70. Dear Tammy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your heart. Our family continues to pray for yours. You have already ministered to so many with your powerful testimony of God’s peace and His perfect will.

    Love to you,
    Krista Mullins Shields

  71. Tim and Tammy,
    We are so saddened by your loss but so encouraged by your faith and hope in God. You are truly a blessing to us. You and your family are in our prayers. God Bless!

    Bucky and Susan Walters

  72. I just wanted to let you know how saddened I am. As I sit here with tears down my face I don’t know what to say. I have been following Nick’s story for so long and praying for him and all your family. I truly admire your Faith in God, you have made me look deep inside my own heart and when I thought I was having a bad day and things weren’t going the way I wanted I always seem to think of Nick and what your family was facing and mine seemed petty and it made me thank God for what I am blessed with. Thank you for opening my eyes through your journey. My prayer for you is peace and may God wrap His loving arms around you until one day when you meet up with Nick again.

  73. Tammy,

    I am so sad to hear about Nick. His is such an amazing young man!!! Every time I read his blog I just wanted to meet him in person. His smile is contagious. His humor is precious and his love for “the life” God gave him was inspiring and perspective-changing for me!! Truly He is one of God’s greatest gifts to all those who knew him and I agree that you as a mom, and your whole family, is one of the most blessed on earth to have been given such a gift in Nick!!! I have been inspired by his story and yours as I’ve read both of your blogs for the past few months.

    My whole family and I will be praying for you today and in the weeks that follow. I can’t imagine the huge sense of his absence you will feel each day.

    One thing that made me smile today is knowing that Nick is going to bring so much laughter to Heaven! I know of another young girl, Alexa, who went to be with Jesus on Friday and I think she and Nick would be great friends. They remind me so much of each other. I have been following her story at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/alexarohrbach

    I pray that knowing He is with Jesus, other loved ones and other amazing children will give your sweet and broken heart just a little comfort today.

    We will all be praying His peace and strength for you and your family!!


    Renee Swope
    Proverbs 31 Ministries

  74. I praise God for you, every time I remember you. I Praise God for choosing to reveal Himself and His glory through this. I’m sure there is nothing I can say that you haven’t already heard… so just know that God is speaking to me through your faith and your family. Thank you for sharing your precious heart. I continue to pray for you all.

  75. Precious Tammy, I wept this morning as I read of Nick’s homecoming. As a mother, I simply cannot begin to imagine how you feel. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Words fail me and I simply do not know what to say. You are an awesome woman of God and you have never failed to amaze me as I have read of Nick’s sickness. If life dishes to me what you received I can only hope to respond as you have. You are truly a blessing and inspiration to all you know you.Much love and prayers to you and Tim and your other precious children. Karen Grayson Church of God

  76. Tammy, Like so many, I am a friend of a friend. I have been praying for Nick for several years now, and just wanted to let you know that I will continue to pray for your family during this season of separation. Nick has made me smile more than once, and I know that He has put a smile on Jesus’ face. Strength and God’s peace to you all.

  77. May the Lord be of comfort and strength to you and your family till you are all together in the Glory of our Lord.

    I remember when my husband was preaching at First Church in the evening. You and Nick sat in the nursery with Stephen-Paul and I was so blessed by Nick’s joy, his smile, and his love. I know my son was too.

    We love you all and will continue praying along with your family and the rest of KCU.

    God Bless & Love,
    Theresa & James Preece
    (KCU ministry students)

  78. Tammy, you and your family are such an inspiration. To see how you have given glory to God even in the darkest of times is truly amazing. My heart aches for your loss but jumps for joy that Nick is no longer suffering. My continued thoughts and prayers will be with you as you continue on the journey of life. God bless you and your family.

  79. Tim and Tammy,
    I doubt that you remember us. You came to KCU (KCC) as we were finishing our years there. We remember you and that you had a son about our oldest son’s age. Now they Rob is there and knows him. We have been praying for you and Nick and Rob has kept us updated. We are sorry for your loss. You are in our prayers.
    John and Anita Martin

  80. Hey Tammy,

    Just stopping in to let you know I’m praying for you today, and for all your tomorrows.

    I love you, and I’m here~

  81. Dear Nischan Family,

    Thank you for letting so many strangers into your life. I can’t imagine the heartbreak that you are going through. I will keep praying for the strength that you will need in the coming days.

    God Bless,

  82. Tammy, I love you guys so much. Right after we left the church tonight me and bryana greenhill went to ring the salvation army bell, and melisa Langstaff was there. As we rang those wonderful bells, mrs. messer said, “you know, they say, everytime a bell rings a angel gets it wings” and i just smiled b/c I was only thinking about nick. and melisa goes”NICK”. My mom said we would have to ring the bells faster than that for Nick. Mrs. Messer added that Nick was probably running with his wings… I know that is hard to hear, but maybe it will help… I wish you were there to hear the conversation… if you every need anything, just let me know. I <3 you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. You all will STILL be in my prayers. Kerie Lynn Steele

  83. Tammy,

    I just got home from Nick’s visitation and wanted to let your family know how beautiful it was. All of Nick’s precious belongings for us to see and every picture with that sweet smile. Thank you for sharing that with us, thank you for sharing Nick and his journey with us.
    Keeping you in my prayers and much love.

  84. I know you may not read these for awhile, yet I must comment. My mother died of brain cancer, and we lost a son in a car accident at age 19 three years ago. I have been crying,reading your words. I don’t know you, but I wish I could just be with you and hug you and tell you that God is there, because He is. He will give you strength. I hope to talk with you sometime. I am bookmarking your page. I am praying for you and your family.
    Love, Myra Johnson

  85. Tammy,

    my heart aches reading your blogs, im so sorry for your loss.your little Nick was truely a blessing sent from god. he has touched so many peoples lives. I wish that I had something comforting to say, but i’m left speachless. I only wish I would have had more opportunities to get to know nick. but from what I had gotten to know he was an amazing person. his beautiful smile always brighten my day and made me look at the world a different way, he taught me to live life and not take it for grant.. he was my hero.I will be praying for you and your wonderful family. god bless you all.:)

  86. Tammy,

    my heart aches reading your blogs, im so sorry for your loss.your little Nick was truely a blessing sent from god. he has touched so many peoples lives. I wish that I had something comforting to say, but i’m left speachless. I only wish I would have had more opportunities to get to know nick. but from what I had gotten to know he was an amazing person. his beautiful smile always brighten my day and made me look at the world a different way, he taught me to live life and not take it for grant.. he was my hero.I will be praying for you and your wonderful family. god bless you all.:)

  87. Hi Tammy,
    I came over by way of Susan at Forever His. I couldn’t read your story of Nick’s homegoing without tears and a knot in my throat and heart. I’m so very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful thing that you’ve chosen to honor his life the way you have. Your courage and love are truly a blessing.

    Praying for you and your family and rejoicing in Nick’s new home,

  88. Each person has a different pain when someone dies. My mother told me these exact words, “there’s nothing like the death of a child”. She knows because she has lost 3 of her own. God Bless your family and remember, I’ll meet you by the river some sweet day.

  89. I love the way you titled this post. That is the comfort that we Christians have – that our loved ones are in the presence of their Savior – what a wonderful day! “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord!” GLORY!
    And one day there will be a “glad reunion day”.

    My heart breaks for you – and I have wept with you as I have read your story today…

    Praying for all of you.

  90. dearest tammy and family,
    my heart goes out to you all. i have been following nick’s journey for some time, and thank you so much for sharing your journey of incredible faith. you have all touched my life more than you could ever know on this earth. What a blessing you all have been to me and so many others. I pray that God will continue to comfort you in the days ahead. I am rejoicing with you that Nick is safe in our Father’s arms, and pray you will find comfort that only He can bring. thank you for sharing this difficult journey. you will all be in my prayers.

  91. May the God of all comfort wrap you and yours in his arms as you remember your precious Nick.

    I’m speechless.

    Touched by Nick’s life through your words,


  92. My prayers are with you and your family. What sweet joy knowing Nick is in a much better place, but sorrow to be without him. You seem to be such a strong, faithful person and it will see you through.

  93. Tammy..
    (((Hugz ))), I just heard the news today and I just wanted to tell you that Nick was truly an inspiration. He has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen because his whole face lights up when he does. Thank you for sharing Nick with us, and for your faithfulness in blogging despite the struggles and hardships. Continued prayers for you and your family.

    Aloha Ke Akua..
    God be with you
    Hugz Lorie

  94. tammy,

    God has blessed you with a wonderful strength. while i am so sad i can only imagine the celebration in heaven for nick! i’m so grateful that you and my aunt kristy are such good friends and my little cousins have you and your family’s influence in their lives. i feel so blessed to have known nick and to have been a witness to all that he and your family are. i’m still very grateful to tim, as well, for marrying steve and me! i LOVE you and all your crew and will pray very hard for you guys!
    ashley (damron) stone