Have you ever had one of those moments where you want to stand up, lift your hands to the sky, and say, “I’m listening, Lord!!!!!!!”

That’s how I felt yesterday morning as I was talking with a fellow teacher during a little break time at school. I had been sharing with her about my life and she had been sharing with me about hers. Part of our conversation was about what is going on on KLOVE right now (a Christian radio station).

If you listen to this station, you’ve probably heard about their “My One Word” campaign for 2010.

Inspired by a minister who challenged his congregation members to do away with the traditional long list of New Year’s Resolution and instead embrace “one word” that they want to use as a catalyst for change in this year, KLove is asking listeners to choose their “one word” for 2010.

I have listened to this challenge on the radio every morning for the past week and just this morning was telling my kids on the way to school (and a couple of friend’s kids who were part of the carpool) that by Friday I thought we should all have our “one word.”

Well, I have thought and thought about what my “one word” needs to be this year; and as my friend and I were talking, the word “release” was mentioned with regards to a couple of my children and the reality that they are entering the adult world very rapidly.

Suddenly, my friend and I both knew that God was saying,


Oh, I have so much to release this year!

Baggage, fear, control, my grip on things, and the list goes on and on and on!!!! Like the scared little bunny in the picture above, I have to realize that freedom is mine if I just accept it!!! God longs to release me from so many different things, and I am ready to be free!

My friend is still trying to decide on her “one word.” For yesterday it was “survive!” But we’ll see if something else comes to her heart in the next few days!

What’s your “one word?” I hope you’ll think about this and then share your word with us!!

Go to www.klove. com and click on the “My One Word” button to learn more about how to pick a word that fits you best!

I love you all so much!

I’m heading out the door to spend the day with little fourth graders!!!!

Releasing my life into His for 2010,

6 thoughts on “Release………………

  1. I read about this on a blog somewhere. I decided after prayer that my word would be “embrace”. Embrace change, people, what God wants for me. Just everything I need to not question, procrastinate etc. just embrace.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding me of this challenge. I must admit that after choosing my word a couple of weeks ago, I promptly forgot all about it.

  2. Jennifer,

    That’s a great word!!! I love it! Let’s try to remind each other from time to time of what our words are for the year! How funny that your word is “embrace” and mine is “release!” Opposite words yet so important to both of us!

    Love you,

  3. There is so much going on with my family, things that I don’t understand and can not change, so my word is “acceptance”. I have turned everything over to God and I pray that I can accept the things they are doing. Not approve of but accept.

  4. Going to be honest in this comment. I am afraid to have a Word for 2010. Last year I asked God for something and I got DOUBLE. I wrote about it on my blog last year. But now it seems the “double” was double trouble. 2009 got worse and worse and worse…