Relying On God’s Word

Psalm 56

3 When I am afraid, I will trust in you.
4 In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust;

I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?

Thanksgiving was full of mixed emotions for our family. Nick was able to watch the Titans win over the Lions! That was exciting! My mom, dad, and brother were all here with us, so we enjoyed simply being together.

But Nick seems to be getting weaker and weaker. It is 6:53 on Friday evening, and Nick hasn’t woken up at all today. He is sleeping peacefully on the couch. But when we talk to him, he seems to just keep sleeping.

The boys brought Rock Band down to the room Nick is in, and they tried to liven up the room with some music and laughter. They all take turns talking to Nick which is so sweet to watch.

Friends have stopped by from time to time all day to pray with us, or check on Nick, or hug us, or help with laundry, or whatever they can think of at the moment.

We are thankful!

I find myself with Bible in hand every time I sit down. Trying to stay focused on eternal promises. Trying to find my trust and confidence in God’s Word and it alone!

So, for tonight, I ask you to please, please, please, pray for Nick. I still believe he can wake up and shock us all! I still believe in miracles!

I praise God for the fact that Nick is not hurting. He is sleeping so peacefully and calmly.

It brings comfort to my heart just knowing that.

Thankful for every prayer.


46 thoughts on “Relying On God’s Word

  1. well, it is no coincidence that you just recently posted this and i decided to check in on you. tammy, i cannot imagine what your mother’s heart is feeling! please know that right now i am praying for nick & for your entire family. not really sure what to pray so asking God to be so evident in that home that He can’t be missed. may His peace surround you.

    love to you, my friend,

  2. Tammy,

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I never ever want anyone to endure the pain our family went through 3 years ago. Please know that deep in my heart is where your family has gone. I say prayers for you several times a day every single day. God is with you there is no doubt. Keep your faith and remember someone in Arizona really does care. I know I sent you my phone numbers, don’t hesistate to call me. Its three hours differance so call me if you need to talk. I have traveled your road and I know Exactly what you are feeling. Let me help you. xoxo Charlotte

  3. Tammy-
    I am praying for sweet Nick and for his dear family right now. I know that God cares about Nick and each one of you who loves him so much. May you feel His comfort and care in this great time of need.
    Love to you-
    JoAnn in MI

  4. Father I come to now on behalf of this precious child of yours Nick.

    I pray you continue to keep him comfortable, and at peace. Surround him with you ministering angels.

    Father I pray for Tammy and her entire family now. Give them the grace they need for each moment. Continue to speak to Tammy through your word. I pray she will continue to be surrounded by family and friends, and the prayers of countless people crying out on her behalf.

    In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  5. Praying….praying again…and praying some more! Please know you are so loved – and I pray the Great Comforter is very real for you tonight.

    Love you – Jennifer

  6. Lord,

    Thank you for Nick. You placed him and his family into my life via internet and I am forever gratefully.

    Father I ask you to make your presence easily detected in the Nischan family.

    Be with Nick’s caregivers, friends and family who struggle with this faith test called cancer. Provide them with a recollection of assuring scriptures, courage like David and hope please.

    Lord, if it be your will, heal Nick, restore his strength so that he may be a light for you in this dark world.

    I whisper this pray into the ears of the Great Physician, the Redeemer and Savior ~~Jesus Christ.


  7. Your child and family are held in my heart and remembered in my every prayer.

    Praying for you, your family, and your dear son.

    God Bless

  8. I’m awake @ 355am working in my hospital’s Emergency Dept. Pam P contacted me yesterday afternoon and I’ve been praying ever since! I have literally been praying all night!!! I love you all, and think of you often.

  9. I’ve been praying for you and Nick and your entire family many times thru the night. That God’s peace will inhabit your home and His presence will be evident in all things.

  10. My heart is breaking for your family.

    I am thanking the Lord for the peace that he gave Nick and now the freedom from this horrible disease. And I am praying for you all to hang onto one another and let God’s love support you.

    many, many, many hugs and tears from PA,

  11. Tammy–I am so sorry–words can not express. I will be praying for God’s comfort–and spiritual eyes to see a glimpse of the joy that Nick is experiencing right now. God bless.

  12. We are praying for you and your fmaily everyday. Sending much love your way. May God’s peace and love surrounded you all in these difficult times.

    Christine and Ben

  13. We are so sorry to hear about Nick. Everytime you see Nick you will looking at the face of someone who is in heaven and know you have two eteranl investments there. We are praying for a peace that can only come from Him. Love you all!

  14. My heart goes out to you and your family. I pray that you feel the peace and comfort that Christ gives. Nick was such an incredible child of God. Much love to you and your family.

  15. Tammy and Tim, I pray for peace and comfort and love to surround your family in these extremely difficult hours. I pray a prayer of thanks for Nick’s incredible and beautiful life and the inspiration he provided for so many of us while he was with us. I pray that we will all keep our eyes on the prize of glory and joy that awaits those who trust in the Lord, and wait patiently in our fallen world for the glorious reunion to come. I love you, Jennifer Malone

  16. Much in Prayer for Nick and all of you, may God hold you all in his hand’s.
    God Bless You Dear Friend,

  17. Ive been getting updated e-mails on Nick for some time now and was sad to hear the news today. One thing we know is that our loss here is heavens gain and yet it is so hard to understand why it has to be so sad to let them go. Your family is in my prayers.
    In Christ Love
    Kim Sarver

  18. My heart hurts for you and your family. Please know that you all will be in our prayers. Your son touched many lives of people you may never meet till we get to Heaven. He was an incredible guy. Thanks for sharing him with us all.

  19. Mrs. Nischan,

    I love you and your family so much. It hurts so much to think about, then to imagine what you must be going through. I pray God gives you the peace that he so willing gives. All of you are in my preayers.

  20. My heart and my prayers are with each of you. I thank God for Nick and his courageous witness. His (and your) willingness to share his faith and lifestory with so many has impacted us all. He is one special young man whose legacy will live on.
    Love to you and your dear family,
    Betsy F.

  21. Oh Tammy, it is Saturday and I just opened Tim’s email. Words cannot express how I’m feeling, but know that, as a mother and grandmother, my heart aches for you. I can only imagine the depth of your sorrow and mine is nearly as deep. Please know that my prayers will follow you and your family wherever they may be. Even though we have never met, my love for you and Nick has grown through the many months we have been in contact. I love you and will continue to pray!

  22. Tammy & Family,
    My heart just breaks for you and your family! I am so sorry about your loss. Know that many prayers are being lifted for you and your family!

    Lord, Please give the Nischan family the peace, knowing that Nick is in His Heavenly Father’s Arms. Please comfort their family during this time.
    In Christ’s Name, Amen

    Many prayers from NorthWestern, PA
    Love, Jackie O.

  23. Tammy,

    As a mother I cant begin to imagine what you are going through. I pray that God surrounds you and your family in his love and care. I have been inspired by you and Nick and have been checking his website and this blog to keep in contact with how he is doing. Nick’s stregnth and courageousness have been a great inspiration to me and I am thankful to God to have been acquainted with your family and to have been gifted with the chance to see how much faith in the Lord your family has. Nick has left a legacy that will continue on for a long while in this community and I for one and my family have been inspired by him and your family and we have recently renewed our faith in God and rededicated our lives to the Lord. My thoughts and prayers are with you all

  24. I love you and your family. I hurt so much for you and wish I could bear some of your pain so you wouldn’t have to feel it. I know that isn’t possible, but I know God is there to carry you through this time. He will carry your burden and pain for you. Hold on to each other and to God. Know that so many hearts out here are praying for you and the family. I love you!!
    Becky Copeland

  25. Tammy, Tim,and family:

    We love you so very much.

    Tammy, Nick touched so many lives across the WORLD from his little spot there in Grayson, KY…what a mighty example of God’s grace, love, and strength in such a young person. I stand in awe of Nick. His life has touched many lives and changed them. Mine and JR’s included. Tammy, the witness your family has displayed has done so much in this world for the coming Kingdom of God and we will never truly know just how much ’til we are all in heaven together.

    Thank you for your honesty, testimony, witness, love and the willingness to share your journey with the rest of us.

    Prayerful and with much love and great big hugs,

    Team Seymour

  26. Tammy,
    I just wanted to let you know my family and I are praying for your family in this time of need. May God comfort you in your time of need.

    Nick has won a great fight & is now enjoying being illness free in Heaven…looking down on your family and smiling, because he is now with the Lord waiting on all of us to join him.

  27. Please allow God to hold you in His arms. He will comfort you and give you an undescribable peace. I know this from experience. Losing a child is the greatest hurt that you can experience. But God carried my family through and He held us in His arms and wiped away our tears. Please hold on to HIM. He will carry you and your family too. I pray for your hearts as they will always ache for Nick. But I can see Nick with Jesus now, along with my daughter and they are happy and singing praises to God.

  28. Dear Tammy,
    I write these words with a heavy heart, aching for you and your family at this time of such a personal loss. I am praying that the strength Nick found through your love will somehow now help carry you through this difficult time. Remember Tammy, look up, he is in good hands.
    Sending our love,
    Patti & Scott

  29. Tammy and Tim,
    Ever since I read your email, I’ve been praying for you and your family. I am so sorry. Nick eptimized the word faith, and you all have been so strong and faithful. I pray for the peace that only God can give you right now. I love you. Still praying, Marianne




  31. My heart is breaking for your family… I’m so very sorry. Yet I’m so joyful for Nick and the amazing things he must be experiencing right now with his Father. Tammy, you and your son have been such an inspiration to me, and I cannot tell you how much Nick’s life has touched mine, and how your strength and faithfulness has impacted my life. I pray that God holds your sweet family in His arms and gives you peace. I thank God for Nick and what he meant to us all, even to those of us who never got the chance to meet him here on Earth.

    Love and prayers,
    Stacey Holbrook Woods
    Clearwater, FL

  32. Prying for your family and feeling truly blessed to have known the sweet, smiling Nick who has left a giant impression on the hearts of so many because of his neverending faith and courageous journey to the place we believers on earth can only imagine and look forward to. Believing he is smiling down on us now, resting peacefully and eternally in the arms of Jesus. Love & Prayers, The Jarvis Family

  33. Tim and Tammy,
    I am so sorry to hear of Nick’s passing. Thank you for sharing with us this journey in your life…in Nick’s life. His legacy will live on! My thoughts and prayers are with your and your family now and in the days to come. God bless you all!
    Amy “Johnson” Stout KCC ’94

  34. Please know that my deepest thoughts are with you at this trying time. God will carry you through in the times you need him most and even when you don’t. Nothing can take away your memories.