Teaching Main Idea and Understanding God’s Plan………

I never thought an after-school teacher’s meeting about Kentucky’s new CIITS Lesson Plans would turn into a chance to grow closer to God, but it happened!

We finished our meeting and teachers were shutting down their computers when Brenda started sharing about the cute way she found to teach main idea to her third graders.

As she talked about using puzzles from Dollar Tree and Post-it notes to help kids see that each part of the puzzle was just one part of the main idea of the puzzle picture, I found myself getting tears in my eyes.

She said, “I would lift one Post-it note, and we would talk about what was under it.  I would ask my class, ‘Is this puzzle just about one pig?”

Then she said they would talk about how the main idea was the three little pigs and all the Post-it notes covered supporting elements of the main idea.

After she was finished sharing, I asked if I could take come take pictures of her puzzle.  And I shared about how the whole lesson had such a spiritual depth to me.

We live under just a Post-it note of God’s story!!

We are not the main idea.

The main idea is God’s plan for mankind.


october more 018

As I was looking at the first picture, I saw the rainbow and thought about how sometimes people’s lives seem to be all rainbows.

It’s easy to look at those people and wonder why our lives seem to be more like the picture below……

Rainbow hidden, big bad wolf present.

And then it hit me!

Just because we can’t see the whole picture doesn’t mean the rainbow is gone.

We just can’t always see it.

Faith knows there is a rainbow……….

somewhere in our story.

It may just be under a Post-it note for a season.

october more 020

I don’t believe we’ll see the whole picture until Heaven.

When we do, everything will make sense.

The rainbow, the big bad wolf, and all the supporting characters.

Oh, what a day that will be!!

Until then, faith keeps us singing,

“Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf the big bad wolf?”

Because perfect Love casts out fear.

october more 017

And God, the author and perfector of our faith, has a plan.

We just have to remember,

“We live under one Post-it note of the plan at a time!!”

Have a happy Post-it note-covered day!

3 thoughts on “Teaching Main Idea and Understanding God’s Plan………

  1. Thanks for sharing that! I am doing the Soul Surfer Bible Study with our youth at church and this fits perfectly. I used the illustration of a parade. God sees the whole parade, we just see each float as it passes by, anxious to see what kind of candy they are going to throw. God sees it from beginning to end. Just like our life. 🙂 That whole parade thing was given to me by a much wiser man at our church when we were jumping through hurdles to get Josalynn in our care and I have thought of it so often.

    Funny note, the kids at youth ( mostly from Elliott County) said that whole parade thing didn’t really work for Elliott County because they have one parade a year and EVERYONE can see the beginning and the end, not just God.lol Love you!

  2. Great analogy. I hope you have tucked this away for that book you will write and I hope I am the first person to get a copy outside your family. Hugs, Sandy

  3. Kim,

    I laughed out loud when I read about the parade in Elliott County! How funny!! I love you so much!


    I love you too! You will definitely receive a copy of that book and don’t be surprised if your name is listed as someone who has held me to the fire in my writing. I am thankful for you daily.