Thank you, Lord.

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Yes, Beth Moore was that close to me! 

She was walking around the floor below the stage and stopped right in front of me as she was talking about things she had recently learned about Pittsburgh.

She looked right into my eyes as she said,

“potato chips.”


I know.

It wasn’t near as “emotionally moving” as the last time I was that close to her.  It definitely wasn’t nearly as emotionally moving as when the drummer from Travis Cottrell’s band proposed to his girlfriend right there on the stage in front of 6,000 women!  I think every lady in the audience fell in love with that guy right there on the spot!  It was so romantic!2009-06-130045 resized

But I’m thankful for my “potato chip” memory.  It was my Beth moment, and I’ll hang on to it until next time!

However, the part of this “Beth Moore Conference” that was most amazing was that the entire weekend was built around the message,

“The Perfect Storm.”

I couldn’t believe it when the video clip of the Andrea Gale being tossed in the gigantic waves of the Atlantic Ocean began to play and the music began to swell.  Then the words, “The Perfect Storm” were placed on all the screens as Beth came to the stage to begin her message!

I just leaned back in my chair and thought, “Wow.” 
Suddenly I realized why it had been so hard for me to come.  The devil didn’t want me in Pittsburgh.  The devil didn’t want Beth’s words from God’s Word to fall on my ears!

Well, they did!

And I learned so much!  Beth spoke from Acts 27 and 28 about the time when Luke and Paul were caught in a terrible storm along with over 200 other sailors, soldiers, and prisoners.

And she shared seven things we can learn from surviving “the perfect storm.”

I want to share them with you tonight:

1. Sometimes we’re in the exact spot where several storms collide.

2.  The question of fault always arises in a furious storm.

3.  The titantic temptation in a storm is to give way to it.

4.  To make it through a storm sometimes we have to cut some ropes.

5.  Our one life can invite the favor of God to many in the storm.

6.  On the other side of a perfect storm, the serpent is all bite and NO VENOM!

7.  The point of every perfect storm is to see the work of God through us unhindered!!!


I needed these words!!!! Thank you, Lord!!

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7 thoughts on “Thank you, Lord.

  1. Ok Tammy Nischan, this is my official request…next time you are going to a Beth Moore conference (I dont care how FAR AWAY it is) and it isnt ‘just for preacher’s wives’ then I want to tag along!!! I would ‘cherish’ a ‘potatoe chip’ right in front of me too…:)
    I love you girl!!


  2. Tammy, It was wonderful getting to know you this weekend in Pittsburgh. I’m fascinated with your story, and it was great to put a face and personality with your blog. You are funny and passionate and warm, and I love it!

    Love in Christ,

  3. Karen,
    It was such a blessing to get to spend time with you! I loved getting to know you not just through your blog but in person….now I love you even more! Hopefully there will be a time that we can spend more time together. Looking forward to that!

    Sarah Rader

  4. Okay…I am such a dork… I typed you a message while looking at Karen’s picture above me. Although I did enjoy my time with Karen, I meant those words for you TAMMY! Please forgive me! Now I love you even more!


  5. Thanks for sharing some of Beth’s message with us Siestas who remained at home ( Well actually I was at Ichthus while you were in Pitt.)
    So glad that the enemy’s plans for you were disrupted by our perfect God!

    Love, Linda

  6. Oh, how special.

    I knew Beth would never forget you Tammy!!!

    Thanks for sharing those awesome points with us.

    So blessed you went. God was waiting for you there…

    Blessings my sweet friend♥