The Power of a Penny

My brother came to celebrate Christmas with us recently and while he was here we played a game of Cranium.

As we were laughing and playing, I couldn’t help but think of Nick and how much he loved board games. I missed his presence with us so very much.

And then it happened!!

I moved one of my cards and right there on the table was…………….

a penny!!!

I found out that Olivia had been playing with two pennies that were sitting on the kitchen counter, and I guess one had somehow ended up on the table.

But to me that penny was my little reminder that Nick was with us in spirit!

See, mom and I started finding pennies in the most unusual places at the most unusual times just a month or so before Nick went to be with the Lord.

And since Nick has left us, the penny experiences have just continued and continued!!

Pennies from Heaven!!!

It’s really amazing. If I am feeling down and I start hoping for a penny or looking for one, I never find one (neither does my mom). However, if I am feeling down but am trying to press on with life and give my sadness to God, the next thing I know…………..

I find a penny!!

It’s almost as if God is saying, “I’m here. Press on!” and Nick is saying, “You can do it, mom. You can do it, Mamaw! I’m cheering you on!”

Well, today is a busy day. Olivia’s birthday party is tonight at our church.

I just had to write and say, “Look for pennies and share your stories with me!”

I love you all so much!

God bless your days!

14 thoughts on “The Power of a Penny

  1. Tammy, I was in Grayson last weekend with my Husband and as always I can not go past or through Grayson without thinking of Nick and as I got out of the truck to go into a store on main street their was a penny laying right by my side of the truck! I picked it up and told my Husband that pennys are fron Heaven and stuck it in my pocket as I had heard this some time ago.
    God is so Good!
    Love You,

  2. I hope this sounds right…but I’m glad you don’t find the pennies when you are searching for them! You know what I mean? Pennies from Heaven!! I love that.

    Here’s a quick story….I woke a little early yesterday, turned off the alarm and thought I would “lounge” in bed until the clock would have gone off at 7:00!! Of course, I dozed….and then woke with a start! I was sure I had overslept and almost immediately stress grabbed me (and I hadn’t even moved). I quickly glanced at the clock and (you quessed it) it was 7:11!!

    As quick as the stress came, I felt my body relax. I had just read your earlier post the night before and that quick reminder…signs of our children…that we are encompassed by a cloud of witnesses – including our boys!! – was a balm for my soul.

    I love you, Tammy. I hope you have a peace-filled weekend!

    Jennifer (Tyler’s mom!!)

  3. Looking for pennies reminds me of when I go on a “God-hunt” and purposely look for the things He is doing in my day–I see His fingerprints everywhere.

    Praying you see His fingerprints today in your busy party prep day!

  4. Tammy,

    Somehow I stumbled across your blog about a month or so ago. I often thought I might leave you a comment but never did. Your faith is so encouraging to me. I think and pray for you and your family often. Anyway, why I decided to leave a comment today….pennies. My family and I have always looked for pennies because of what they say…..In God We Trust! Have a good party, a nice weekend, and keep trusting!!
    A friend in Christ,

  5. My mom passed away in June and my dad is having this same experience. At first he chalked it up to coincidence, but then he kept finding pennies all over the house and everywhere and he is just getting so many he can no longer chalk it up to coincidence. I imagine they are pennies from Heaven.

  6. Tammy,
    Remember the penny that Mary Jane found while counting the pennies for the penny war at school? It had the cut-out of an angel in the middle? I brought it to the house to you and Nick. Mary Jane wanted you to have it because she found it when we were talking about Nick and his faith and courage. I think I was telling her about us going on the hayride and how he smiled the entire way eventhough he claimed he didn’t want to go he was just going to help me with Sarah. All of the sudden she found that penny and we both just stopped and stared at it.
    Love ya,

  7. I get so much inspiration and blessing from reading how you are coping with your loss…
    I am praying for you as you continue to move on and find blessings in the most unusual places and the most unusual ways…
    Thank you for sharing your struggle with us…

  8. Tammy,

    I had a student come to me on Wednesday and say, “Mrs. Jenny I found a penny and it was heads up!” I said, “wow, now you’ll have good luck!”. Later that day, I found another penny on the floor by my desk. Little did I know, they could be pennies from heaven! Thinking of you often, always in my prayers.

    With love,

    Jenny Morrison

  9. I think that is wonderful. Pennies from heaven. God is so good. Makes me stop and wonder what we would find here in Australia since we no longer have pennies. But I am on the lookout. Mary C sends her love as do the ladies from church.

  10. Pennies from Heaven! I love it. I always pick up pennies when I see them because I always thought they were good *luck* (not that I’m superstitious, but how can anyone pass up picking up a penny? Well, from now on, when I see a penny and pick it up, I will think of Nick and smile while I say a prayer for your family! God Bless you!

  11. Hi Tammy,
    Pam, your fellow India Momma here, Pennies from Heaven. We are doing a fundraising drive that we are calling “Pennies from Heaven” to adopt our second child. Another way that Pennies are spreading joy.