Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

This picture was sent to me all the way from Hungary where my dear friend Donnette’s daughter is doing a one-year internship with her husband David. This picture is actually Deborah and her brother-in-law, Aaron. They are showing their love, support, and prayers for Nick all the way from the other side of the world!

This journey with Nick as had so many moments just like this one. Times when God reminded me that we are not fighting this battle alone. To see more about Nick’s story, you can go to his website,, and see many, many amazing pictures of God’s people showing their love to Nick.

Be sure to look for the picture of the cloud my mother saw while driving to our house to begin Nick’s radiation! It is a perfect thumbs up! Also, look for Sarah’s ultrasound picture where her new little baby sends an amazing thumbs up from within the womb!

This list goes on and on………

God is with us. For tonight, that’s all I need to know. Living with a child who has cancer is not always easy, but living with a God who promises to meet our every need is ALWAYS EASY!

I hope that you live a life with God right in the middle of it! If not, please email me. I want to help you find your way to Him! In the end, that’s ALL that matters!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “Thumbs up!

  1. Tammy~ I’ve been thinking alot about you and your family even more lately than I normally do (as you all are constantly in my prayers). Not only were you one of the first ‘professors wifes’ that I met that very first day in Dorcas, and you probably never could imagine how much bible studies at your house were to me during my time at KCC~ but you were definitly a guiding light to me during that time. Now as we face cancer in our family, I thank you for your diligence and faithfulness that you shine in your families walk. It makes me feel better that even you question why things like this happen, and are so assured that He is bigger than any cancer! Thank-You Tammy!!