We haven’t forgotten you, Romania……..

We were able to send money to the small orphanage in India, however, we have not yet been able to work out the details of helping our sweet friends in Romania.

Believe me, I pray for you and think of you daily!

Believe me, if I could hop on a plane and deliver boxes of clothes, medical supplies, food, and cleaning supplies, I would!

I have a friend who is heading to Romania in December and I’m praying we can hook up and send a few suitcases with her!!!

Until then, I am still researching a way to send a monetary gift.

Please forgive the delay,

5 thoughts on “We haven’t forgotten you, Romania……..

  1. My friends,

    if somebody read now and can help, my dear Tammy and you have time, meybe you can. can do something for us .
    I have one number of cont of here and i write here, the name of BANK and my number of cont . So i think here will be posibil to wire money for the poor of here.

    And the number is :

    I believe from all my heart that we will find one way to help my poors kids, they are every day so hungryes and i want to do something for them but i need help.
    I`m praying that the power of our LORD will be strong and we will receive help. And i`m sure that HE will do …. becouse HES love is so great for us!
    Like i said today to my dear Tammy , thath my heart is broken becouse i cant do nothing ,alone!
    There is hard to understand how is to be hungry, i know!
    When i was in visit to some of the mothers wich i help , trust me that one little baby -born, eating water and biscuits in the bottle.
    And this is the reason for what i fight !
    This is the real JOY of the heart ,when we can help ,when we can do something for poor- childrens!
    Thank you so much again and -GOD BLESS YOU ,alls !
    with love in Jesus -Christ -Violeta

  2. If you find a way to send money to Romania, let me know, as I would like to contribute to the needs over there as well.

  3. Thank you so much,for you heart ,

    I wish you, many blessed days in you life, with JESUS,


  4. For everybody, those who want to help we founded two ways where you can send :

    Money -Gram and WESTERN -UNION .
    You need there just this adress :

    STR: LOTUS 11 BL: F9 SC; D ET: 3 AP: 74

    Other posibility where you can try ismy number of cont ,what i wrote here to my dear Tammy.

    My heart will be always full of love and many prayers will be for you alls, for all you support !
    sincerely, Violeta