We’re Home!

Just a very quick note to say “we’re home!” Nick is doing much better! He is on two medicines (one for seizures and one for swelling) temporarily!

Thanks for every prayer lifted on his behalf.

Pray for us as we make our next big decisions in this journey with Nick. We have so much to learn! Susan, I have got to sit and take time to figure out how to post to the pediatric brain tumor group. I will do that soon.

Love you all so much!

My heart is filled with so many different emotions right now……thankfulness, praise, gratitude, joy, fear, uncertainty, anxiousness, and yet peace and hope!

Thankful for a Risen Savior!

5 thoughts on “We’re Home!

  1. Rejoicing with all of you!! Will be praying for wisdom in the days ahead. Thank God for peace in the midst of anything!


  2. Glad you are home. I’m glad that in the midst of the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that you still have peace and hope.

    Praise be to our Jesus!
    Thanks for taking the time to update us.
    I visit daily but don’t always comment.