When God Says, "Shhhhhhhh"……….

It’s one of those mornings when every time I go to write, I pause.

My fingers sit over the keys, and I realize, “I’ve got nothin’.”

I go back to Scripture thinking God will speak from something I have read today, but I know it’s not going to happen because I’m the one needing words……

I’m needing wisdom today.

Big decisions require quiet reflection.

I want to run and not get weary, walk and not faint……..

but God gently reminds me that the very verse I long to live says, ‘Those who wait upon Me shall do those things,’

so this morning, I think God is saying, “Shhhhhh…….wait on me…….”


Today, I’m asking you for a prayer for wisdom in a decision I need to make.

Pray that God will make it crystal clear.


And I’m promising to pray for you.

I love you all so much.


James 1:5 says,

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God,

who gives generously to all, without finding fault.”

Continuing to pray for the Fankell family…..along with so many of you who I know are hurting.

God is with you in your pain.  Always.

2 thoughts on “When God Says, "Shhhhhhhh"……….

  1. Praying for you this Sunday afternoon, Tammy. Have you noticed that only Christians have wisdom? Our Lord provides understanding for those who love and trust Him. He will answer you. You will know what, when, and how to decide. For so long He has told me, ‘just keep doing what you are doing’, and yet the doing changes into so many different things….but I KNOW it is He who is leading. You will too. xxoo Deedy