Todd went to his senior year homecoming dance……..parade and bball and homecoming 0029 (2)_resize

Tim helped Todd with his tie……he had to stand on a chair. 🙂

Copy of Copy of parade and bball and homecoming 0168_resize

Copy of Copy of parade and bball and homecoming 0172_resize

Todd and his date, Kimi…….

parade and bball and homecoming 0280_resizeKimi and some of her beautiful soccer girlfriends.

Copy (3) of parade and bball and homecoming 0030 (2)_resize

Nick’s buddy Brandon came by to have Tim help him with his tie and give me a hug before picking up his date. parade and bball and homecoming 0293_resize      Olivia with Nick’s buddies Kaleb and Brandon and their beautiful dates.

parade and bball and homecoming 0138_resize

Olivia’s last game of the season was Saturday too.  They lost by 3. 🙁parade and bball and homecoming 0019 (2)_resize

Friends came to spend the weekend with us from Ohio.  Olivia and their girls had fun entertaining us with a trick they read about in a book.  Put a plastic spoon in your mouth under a handkerchief and pretend to sneeze.  It looks hilarious!  They could barely show us for all their giggling.parade and bball and homecoming 0252_resize

Olivia Faith being silly with her old friend Olivia Hope……we hadn’t spent time with their family in over a year!! parade and bball and homecoming 0243_resize Thank you, Martina, for a yummy homemade Mexican dinner of tostadas!!!parade and bball and homecoming 0245_resize

Logan, Olivia, Nicole, and Olivia diving in to the feast!

Sometimes these special weekends full of so many wonderful memories stir emotions of such deep grief realizing Nick isn’t here to share them with us.  Nicole and Nick had been friends ever since pre-school.  He would have loved hanging out with her.

Heaven, Heaven, Heaven……..Oh, how wonderful it will be!!