When we gathered at church last night to remember husbands, grandchildren, sons, daughters, parents, and grandparents, I had no idea how special it would be………..

december 013112

december 015114


We ate, we hugged, we laughed, we shared……..

Then we began creating……..

december 031130

Measuring, cutting, tracing, assembling………..

december 030129

december 019118

december 032131


december 020119

But most of all, sharing.

Sharing memories, sharing life, sharing stories, sharing love……..

december 022121

After we had taken our photos, our craft supplies, and our ornaments and created beautiful heirlooms for our trees and for gifts for friends and family……….

And after we had gathered in a circle with candles lit,

tears falling,

prayers said,

and “Joy to the World” sang (after all, the coming of the Savior is what gives us our joy),

we smiled and knew that our evening together was just what we all needed to begin this holiday season.

december 025124

december 026125


december 029128


In my heart I knew “This was good.”december 018117

december 017116

As I look back on last night, I wonder, “Is this how the world began?”

Hugging, laughing, sharing……….

Then creating.

Followed by the words,

“This is good.”

I’m thankful that as I type these words, God is busy again…….

Hugging, laughing, sharing, and creating a Home for us all in Heaven.

One day I want to meet each of you there, and as I hug you I will say with a great big smile!


Have a happy Monday!

I love you all so much,