As the mom of a teenage girl, I was so excited when Moody Publishers asked me to review Hannah Farver’s new release, Uncompromising:  A Heart Claimed by a Radical Love.

Hannah, a freshman at Patrick Henry College who loves Jesus passionately, shares in this book about why it is so important for girls today to KNOW Jesus in a personal way and have their deepest needs met by a personal relationship with Him.

The book deals with everything from purity to modesty to friendship to self-esteem.  Hannah shares her own struggles as well as the struggles of several of her friends as she journeys through issues that every girl faces in the world today. Discussion questions are provided at the end of the book which correlate with each chapter making it a perfect option for a small group Bible study.

I am planning to read the book with Olivia this summer!  And I am hoping to use it in a small group setting this fall! 

I was able to finish reading it as we were traveling through so many different states over the past several days, and I wanted to take a few minutes to let you all know what a great book it is!

I am thankful for girls like Hannah, and I am praying that Olivia can follow in her footsteps as a Christian girl with a heart that has been claimed by a radical love!

If you’re looking for a great resource to use with the girls in your church, I highly recommend checking this book out! 

Hannah’s blog can be accessed by clicking HERE.

This is a blog I want Olivia to start following!  As a mom, I can serve as a guide for Olivia but a young woman like Hannah Farver is what I long for in Olivia’s life….a true role model who can show her the love of Jesus in a way that is relevant, meaningful, and life-changing!

uncompromising book image hannahHappy reading!