Okay, maybe I’m a sucker. I went to a bookstore and bought the book Oprah is pushing like a madwoman everyday on her show. The reason I broke down and made the purchase had to do more with wanting to know what in the world was in this book that made Oprah so ignited, so convinced that it was going to change EVERYONE who read it than it did with thinking that it might in some way change me! After hearing testimony after testimony on her show from men and women who had read the book and then felt “enlightened, awakened, alive, etc.” I thought to myself and actually said to a friend, “every Christian needs to know what this book is about.” Well, after reading 120 pages of this book “A New Earth” I am convinced that ministers, teachers, Christians in general need to be well-informed and confident in their faith before trying to discuss this book with someone who is sold out on it.

The author does a good job of slipping in Scripture from time to time and even referring to God enough to keep you thinking “maybe this isn’t so bad,” but I have to tell you that what he is teaching seems to be in every essence of the phrase “new age.” Not that I am an expert on “new age” philosophy, but I do think that trying to convince myself that “I Am” is “me” is rather scary. I only know one “I Am” and He created me. He is the Truth, not me. He is life, not me.

I will write more when I have read more, but I felt compelled to share a little note now in case some of you are reading this book too.

What do you think?

God Bless you all! Tammy