If life were a pair of overalls, then each little pocket would represent something special and unique. Maybe one pocket would hold all of our tears, one would hold our worries, another our special occasions. Well, the one I have grown to long for and love is the pocket I would call the “pocket of peace.”

I realize more and more every day that during those times in my life when everything is fairly “normal”-no big surprises, worries, tragedies, frustrations, etc.-I need to be thankful for the peace that comes with them.

That is where I am today. I am in the little pocket of peace. Why?

Because yesterday we found out that the tiny knot on Nick’s forehead is not a tumor. The brain surgeon thinks it is a tiny piece of metal or something. Now, how it got there I do not know. Maybe in surgery. Our pediatrician said she has seen things like this before in kids who have hit their head and tiny of fleck of something has worked its way through their skin! No matter how it got there, we are just thankful for doctors who can read x-rays and say confidently, “no tumor.” Also, Dr. Kosnik (our brain surgeon) said that it was okay for Nick to go to Myrtle Beach next week as planned, and he would just see him when we get back! So, for at least two weeks, we do not have any planned encounters with the medical world! Now that brings me peace!

While I know that our life still holds uncertainty, I am committed to savoring this family time and cherishing every minute! God continues to show me that by letting go and trusting Him, He never takes me down a road that goes further than I can handle. He stretches me to new distances at times, causing my feet to ache from the rough road. However, just when I think I can’t take one more step, He smooths the road and lets me run freely.

Thank you, Lord, for loving me enough to step in when I am ready to step out.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me time in my pocket of peace. I promise to bring You the glory even from this sanctuary. You are my Rock and my Fortress! I find rest in You, O Lord!