graduation 303graduation 259 

Maria, wow!  I was shocked when I opened the door and heard screaming

graduation 280

Thank you ALL for sharing the special day with us!!!

graduation 299

Olivia and Marble even celebrated with me!

graduation 282

Jim, Billy, and Kelly…..what great men of God you are!

I love you all three!!

graduation 291

Maria and Evan…you tricked me into believing you were in Morehead at WalMart…you stinkers!  I was clueless on the phone!

graduation 263

Topsy and Maria make some last-minute plans!

graduation 290

Todd and Jon, I love you!

graduation 268

I love you, Ian, Ruthie and Mike!

Thanks for sharing life with us!

graduation 281

Brett and Cindy, thanks for being great friends!  We’ve shared more “restaurant time” than any two families of our caliber should ever be allowed to share in one town!

graduation 285

Tiffany, we are quite the Lucy and Ethel, aren’t we?

Thankful that we share life’s ups and downs together!

graduation 294 

Donnette, You really had me tricked about the party!  Good going!

I love sharing life with you….motherhood, wife stuff, and all of the other “girly topics” that aren’t always so easy to love.

graduation 288


One of Nick’s best buddies ever..Jon…celebrates with me!

graduation 298

My boys, Erich and Evan, both came home from college to celebrate with me!  Thank you, guys, I love you!

    graduation 274

Ian was ready to slice the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!