So many fun memories from our trip to the Bahamas dance through my mind – from watching my boys and husband parasail to swimming with the dolphins! From eating at all kinds of different restaurants to free coffee 24/7 in the hotel dining area! From walking through huge aquariums filled with every type of sea creature you can imagine to riding in intertubes through lazy rivers and roaring rapids!

But as I sit here tonight on my back porch listening to crickets chirping, my dog breathing deeply on the chair near me, and cars moving quickly down the road nearby, my heart feels thankful to be back home!

On our final day in the Bahamas, we could only muster the energy to lay by the pool and occasionally dip in it for a short game of ball tossing. The thought of soaring down a water ride or walking a long, sandy beach was more than our weary bodies could handle!

I am yawning as I click away at the keyboard just long enough to say how much I love you all and how thankful I am for organizations like Make A Wish which gave our family a vacation of lifetime! We never would have had this opportunity any other way!

Looking up at the full moon, I have to smile knowing that my new Bahamian friends are looking up at the same beautiful moon many, many miles away! And I am thankful that now, even on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there are prayers being lifted for my son Nick!

Thank you, God, for creating an amazing world that in many ways is gigantic and yet in other ways is so small because of Your ability to connect us through our love for You!

I may be one tired “Bahama Mama,” but I am also one thankful lady!!