I love reading the Psalms.

I picture David,

a shepherd turned king,

pouring out his heart to God through writing.

I imagine other men and women through the years doing the same thing.

As a writer, I love knowing the stringing together of words

 has been a way of connecting with God since the beginning of time.

I love words.

And I love when they come together to create,



and refresh.

I think of John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God.

Is that what the Psalmist meant when he wrote,

Lord, your Word is forever;

It is firmly fixed in Heaven.

Psalm 19:89

Like a planet in orbit,

God does not change or shift.

And neither does His Word.

It’s just as true today as it was thousands of years ago,

and it still has the power to do what it did then.

Your Word is a lamp for my feet

and a light on my path.

Psalm 119:105

Darkness has no power over God’s promises.

His Word somehow lights my way,

guides me,

and keeps me on track.

When I do stray,

His Word has the power to bring me back.

No road is too long for His Word to find me.

No pit too deep.

No valley too wide.

No mountain too high.

Opening a Bible invites God back into my journey.

No matter how lost I feel,

His Word finds me,

and like a staff,

gently pulls me back to Him.

I wander like a lost sheep, 

seek Your servant,

for I do not forget Your commands.

Psalm 119:176

When storms come or fiery arrows head my way,

I need not fear.

My protection and my hope

are tucked in the pages of this Book –

this one Book that has stood the test of time.

Allowing God’s Word to sink deep into my bones

brings more protection than the safest hiding place or the strongest armor.

You are my shelter and my shield;

I put my hope in your Word.

Psalm 119:113

I’m so thankful for the power of His Word.

Before the sun rises,

I know God is there.

He hears my cries.

He brings me Hope.

He lights my way.

I rise before dawn and cry for help;

I put my hope in Your Word.

Psalm 119:147

Opening a Bible invites God into my day

and His presence changes everything.

(The last few days’ readings have been from Psalm 111-118; I Kings 1-2;
Psalms 37; 71; 94; Psalm 119:89-176; I Kings 3-4; II Chron. 1; and Psalm 72.)