If you’ve followed Nick’s journey for long enough, you know how significant the “thumbs up” has become to our family!!

From pictures we began taking of friends and family after Nick’s successful surgery in August 2006 to the thumbs up cloud my mom saw shortly thereafter……………..all the way to the ultrasound of one of my friend’s daughter’s baby…………..we have had thumbs up signs all along Nick’s journey. You can look back through blog posts to find these pictures.

Well, you can imagine how we felt the first day in India when Tim received change that included this rupee coin!!!

Later we discovered that this coin was just issued in 2008, and NOONE we met had ever seen it before we arrived!!!!

We truly felt that God was giving us His “thumbs up” on our entire trip’s purpose and that Nick was putting in his “two cents worth” (the value of this particular coin!) from Heaven. Leave it to Nick to somehow influence the Indian government’s choice for a coin decoration.

I would love to share this little message from God with you, so I thought it would be fun to do a little give away! I will draw 7 names from the comments left on this particular blog entry this Saturday night at 11 p.m.

So just leave a little post that includes your email address, so I can contact you for your mailing address, and your name will be added to the drawing!!!

I love you all so much!!

PS Karen, I mailed your book today!!! And Christine……I missed you at church Sunday. Zoie’s Mom is getting her book Wednesday.