A Judgmental, Critical, and

Suspicious Mind

I’d like to say that this type of “mind trouble” has never been part of my life, but sadly, I have to admit that it has.  I believe I have made some progress through the years in this area, but there are still times when my first thoughts in certain situations on not positive ones.

Matthew 7:1 is very clear.  “Judge not so that you will not be judged.”  I don’t know about you, but if God is giving me any sort of “control” over how strictly I will be held accountable for my actions, then I want to do what I can to keep that level of judgment as low as possible.  In other words, I need to focus on my own sins and allow God to deal with other people’s shortcomings.

It’s so easy to see this scenario played out in children and even call them out as “not minding their own business” or “worrying about someone else’s problems,” but in the adult world we seem to lose sight of this philosophy many times and justify our spirits of so-called “holiness.”  

What if every one just concentrated on making themselves a better person? 

How different would the world look?

How different would the church look?

I’ve often said that when I get to Heaven, I think that if for some reason I see someone there and I act shocked as if I am thinking, “How did “THEY” get here?” then a trap door will open and I WILL BE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, there is no room for judging, criticizing, or being suspicious in God’s eyes…….

In Romans 2:1 God says that there is no excuse or defense for those who judge and condemn others….that’s a pretty serious statement!!

I am going to try my best to follow the words of Psalm 16:23-24,

The mind of the wise instructs his

mouth, and adds learning and

persuasiveness to his lips. 

Pleasant words are as a honeycomb,

sweet to the mind and healing to the


It is good for me to remember that in the end the only one standing before God with me to give an account of my life will be me?  If I truly believe that, then I don’t need to worry about other people’s behaviors, because God has everything under control.


He is the PRINCE of PEACE.

When I try to play His part in the story (the judge), I lose what He longs to give me (peace).

Praying that today you will have many peace-filled moments!

Oh, Erich and Mallory stopped to sleep for a bit…they should be here in the next 40 minutes!!