As I hung clothes from this….

laundry august 2012 001

and that……..

laundry august 2012 002

and this………

laundry august 2012 003

and that………

laundry august 2012 005

and as I realized that the whole world could see………

laundry august 2012 006

I thought to myself,

laundry august 2012 009

Having a broken dryer is a lot like having a blog.

Your laundry isn’t a private thing anymore.

Neither is your life.

Now, I have run a few loads to my neighbors from time to time (Thank you, Donna and Topsy) and sometimes in life you have to share things more privately,

but when you blog, your transparency level is very high.

And sometimes that’s tricky for me as a mom, wife, friend, and school employee.

So, today, as I look at these photos, I am reminded that with blogging comes a lot of responsibility.

And today I’m thankful for all of you who share in the laundry I hang out to dry.

My grief.

My life as a mom, wife, friend, and teacher.

I thank you for coming back to my blog even when I have dry spells in my writing.

But most of all, I thank you for loving me no matter what and for longing to have a relationship with God that is deep and meaningful.

I miss you in very personal ways.

I have thought of so many of you by name in the past week, and I’ve longed to hear from you.

Send me an email, write a comment, or leave me a message on Facebook.

I want to know how you’re doing, so I can pray for you and all your “laundry!”

Love you!

Happy Wednesday!


Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad!