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I recently was asked to review a new Bible that has been placed on the market by Zondervan Publishers.

This amazing Bible arrived on a Friday that was kicking off a  weekend that involved a basketball tournament for my daughter, a band concert in another state for one of my son’s, a weekend visit from my mom, and a weekend college visit from our two oldest sons and their girlfriends.

When I found the package on our front porch I was so excited!

Mom took this picture of me showing my happiness after discovering this Bible’s appearance in the midst of our crazy weekend!


It is small enough to carry in my purse yet contains many practical, short one-minute devotionals for those days when I am on the run and want to have a quick “spiritual lift” while waiting in the car to pick kids up or while sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room.

The leather cover makes the Bible very sturdy which is also nice considering how “weathered” things can become when being carried here and there and everywhere.

As a mom who is trying to juggle many different schedules while also walking a very painful road of grief after losing my son to cancer, I find that having a Bible with me at all times is a MUST.  Knowing that I can reach in my purse and be comforted by His Word keeps me pressing on in an often very difficult “race for the finish line of life.”

I also love that the devotions contained in this Bible have a one-minute option for moments when I can just take a quick break but then also offers five and ten-minute options for those times when I have the opportunity to stop, reflect, pray, and dig a little deeper.

If you would like to know more about the Busy Mom’s Bible, simply click on this link.

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A Busy Mom Trying to Stay a Balanced and God-focused Woman,