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Understanding cause and effect within a passage can help in overall reading comprehension, so I spent some time with my seventh graders last week working on this reading strategy.

Our story was all about the causes and effects of flooding..

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As we were looking at aerial photographs of thunderstorms and hurricanes, we noticed that they both move in large spiral formations leaving an “eye” in the center.

As I looked at the faces of my students, knowing all of their tough family situations, I couldn’t help but bring up the topic of “life storms” and how we must find a way to cope when we feel like life is spinning out of control. 

I love that God promises peace in the midst of our storms and then makes visuals for us in the form of actual storm photographs

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Although I couldn’t come right out and mention God in a public school setting, I did encourage the kids to find ways to slip away to a quiet place from time to time and learn to experience moments of peace even when life seems to be spinning out of control.

It was a special moment in class.

One of those times when I felt like the kids “heard me” and “got it.”

As you dive into another week of life, I want to ask you this, “Do you feel like you are in the middle of a storm?  If so, I’m praying that you will find some time to slip away into the “eye” of your life and enjoy a place of peace. 

God is there.  The effect of turning to Him will cause you to do it more and more each day!

Psalm 147:14

“He grants peace to your borders…”