Opening my life story up through a blog is something I never thought I would do…….

But here I am a little over a year into my “open book” life and I am realizing that part of what makes a blog “real” is when the author is able to share the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It’s so much safer to just share the good….or at least the somewhat pleasant part of life.

Even sharing my spiritual struggles has been therapeutic for me.

But, this has been one of those weeks when I have realized that there are just some parts of life, even as the daughter of the King, that are so far from anything I would ever label as “royal!”

You know me well enough by now, though, to know that I try desperately to look for the spiritual application in everything I face, so here is what I’ve learned this week.

First, when Cinderella is sick, the step-sisters (or in my case the children/husband), don’t necessarily step in and do the chores. I will add one level of grace to this comment. Tim was trying to finish up tax season, so he was working from morning til dark (most of the time) and Todd and Olivia were swamped with homework and extracurricular activities……..Needless to say, when I did come to my senses I think I spoke up for Cinderella’s throughout the kingdoms of this world!!!! There is a new list of daily responsibilities on the dry erase board for the kids!!

Second, it is difficult to spend time at the Father’s throne when you are sitting on your own…….endlessly…..sorry, it’s just the way it was. You can ask anyone who talked to me over the past few days-I have been near dehydration and simply not totally present on this planet.

Which brings up my third discovery of the week.

If you are seriously dehydrated, don’t count on your husband to make you drink. Sorry, Tim, but at this point I am thankful for my friends who popped in from time to time and who even called from out of town. I still love you, Tim. I’m just saying, “I don’t think accountants would make the best doctors.”

Fourth, I am blessed to have a doctor who is also a dear friend. Thank you, dear friend (I’ll leave your name out because I don’t want to cause you to have to start a new business), for realizing how sick I was and getting me started on an antibiotic!!!

Fifth, when a battle is over and the victor receives his “spoils” it may not always be what he was expecting. I decided I was up to cooking last night and really hadn’t been to the store since we got back from our trip. I found two boxes of taco “Hamburger Helper,” which Todd thought sounded good. So, I headed out to our deep freeze, which I quite thankfully had filled with a 1/4 of a cow that I had recently purchased with a friend….thinking that in some way I was being a great Proverbs 31 woman preparing my family for the months to come with grain-fed beef at a great price. When I opened the deep-freeze on our back porch, I noticed no ice around the edges and then a fly coming towards me followed by a horrible smell (talk about being dethroned from any sense of motherly pride). Yes, somehow our deep-freeze had either bit the dust or been struck by lightning (I did hear there was a terrible storm while we were gone) and everything in the freezer was ruined. Ugh!!!!! Is it even worth it to try to be organized?!?!?!!?!??! (You know I love you guys by know…..this is me after being sick for several days and discovering my bovine nightmare.)

So, I’m back in my somewhat “normal” mind. I am thankful beyond words. The devil has done a good job of distracting me from the passions of our trip and the upcoming responsibilities with Basket of Hope.

In spite of his efforts, I can honestly say, that once again, God has turned the devil’s plans against himself. I have realized how thankful I am to have my friends. I have realized that when I can’t, others can…….and do………………..what needs to be done in order to make something a success!

I have learned that while beef may come and go, God never leaves or forsakes me.

I am determined to moooooooooove on from this week of “royal flushes.”

Yes, Cinderella is feeling better.

And Prince Charming has learned that sometimes Cinderella looks and acts a little less like a princess than he had hoped or dreamed……

That’s life in the real world.

It’s good. It’s bad. And yes, it’s sometimes very ugly.

Thanks for praying for me.

Oh, I never received any “report” on the diagnosis……I just know that either the antibiotic worked or I had the worst virus I could have ever imagined possible……if I hear any details, I’ll let you know!!

Thank you for accepting me….

Warts and all…………..(and I do have one right now!),