As I sat in a Lexington restaurant this weekend, I noticed something precious out of the corner of my eye.

A cute little girl, carrying a rose in a plastic case, walked by our table escorted by her dad.

Sitting at a table for two, they began to talk about what they were going to order; and as our table watched them interact with each other, we knew they were on a special “daddy-daughter date.”

After a few minutes, my friend and I commented on how cute they looked and my friend said to the little girl, “You look like a little princess.”

Grinning sweetly, she replied, “I’m my daddy’s princess.”

Her dad beamed ear to ear as we talked to the little girl about her big day……..He said, “Tell them what we’re doing today,” to which the little girl smiled and said, “We’re going to the ballet.”

We began eating our meal, but I couldn’t get my mind off the sweetness of the relationship of these two people. 

The joy and love of the father;

the accepting heart of the little girl. 

My mind began spinning with thoughts of God’s love for us and how He longs to call each of us His child.

I thought of how He loves us all  with such pride and joy.

He, too, gave us a gift, not a rose wrapped in paper resting in a plastic case but a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger………

I thought of the verse in Song of Solomon that says,


I am a Rose of Sharon,

a lily of the valley.


Jesus is often referred to as this

Rose of Sharon in songs we sing.



John 3:16 says,

“For God so loved the world that He

gave us His one and only Son,

that whoever believes in Him shall

not perish but have eternal life.”

God gave His Rose……….to each of us.

But the true significance of this Christmas Gift was revealed 33 years after He was given.

Jesus didn’t just come to us in a manger..He died for us on a cross.

And then the beauty of the Gift bloomed as He conquered our greatest fear…death!

God’s Rose…ROSE from the dead!

He swallowed up the grave, and

that’s the gift that brings meaning to life.

Without the knowledge of the resurrection, Christmas represents just another birth, just another baby.

Deep inside I believe we all know this!

Every time we see a Nativity scene, we know there is more to this stable story than hay and animals and shepherds and even angels singing.

There’s the assurance that because this tiny baby boy entered the world, death lost all its power.

This Prince of Peace brought the Promise of Eternal Life!

How do we claim this promise??

In Acts, after Jesus had ascended back to Heaven, Peter is preaching to thousands and says, “God has made this Jesus whom you have crucified, both Lord and Christ.”

He is then asked this simple question,

“What shall we do??”

His reply is simple,

“Repent and be baptized,

every one of you,

in the name of Jesus Christ for the

forgiveness of your sins.

And you will receive the gift of the

Holy Spirit.”

God’s first gift, Jesus, is followed by another gift, the Holy Spirit.

Once we have received this gift, life is never, EVER, the same!

Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

We have a hope that does not disappoint.

And most of all, we are promised eternity in Heaven!

Romans 8:11 promises this,

And if the Spirit of Him who raised

Jesus from the dead is living in you,

He who raised Christ from the dead

will also give life to your mortal

bodies through his Spirit,

who lives in you.”

That’s why we can sing, “Joy to the World,” no matter what our life circumstances might be.

So, as I thought about the table behind us (can you tell my mind wanders easily even while eating), I couldn’t resist asking if I could take their picture for my blog and write about their special date.

Fear almost kept me from approaching them with such a strange request, but I could feel this nudge that wouldn’t leave me. 

So, I got up and walked over and simply said, “I am a writer with a Christian blog, would you mind if I took your picture and wrote about you?”

The dad smiled and said, “Sure!”

I was overjoyed to capture this father/daughter moment so I could share it with all of you.


Maybe you’re struggling today, as Christmas approaches, longing to feel the love of God in the sparkling lights, the music, the joy of those around you.

In the midst of all your happy and sad emotions, remember this……

You have a Father who gave you His Rose….

He only asks that you accept Him.

photo (1)

When you do, you become a child of God and suddenly you are a prince or princess………..

a son or daughter of the King.


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