As I sit here at the kitchen computer with another laptop beside me on a barstool, I find myself moving back and forth between computers and documents saved on each trying to prepare for a conference that I have been looking forward to for months! I also find myself feeling a little stressed.

See, I thought I had this entire month to get all of my things in order. But when we discovered that Nick had another brain tumor four weeks ago, my life once again turned upside down. I have literally been in a constant whirlwind since that day. There has been a surprise birthday party for Nick, the mass-redecorating of his bedroom, a trip to Virginia for a motorcycle event for Nick, a trip to the Bahamas for his Make a Wish trip on top of a very scary seizure that sent Nick in an ambulance two and a half hours away for treatment and observation. I am exhausted.

And today, I am trying to keep my commitment to Olivia who planned a swimming party months ago and has over 10 friends coming at 2 to stay until after Vacation Bible School tonight! YIKES!

So, why I am taking time to write this blog entry!?!? Because I need prayer!

I looked up the origin of down to the wire and found out that it became a saying when horse racing first began and they had to figure out a way to know which horse came in first. They would hold a wire across the finish line and whichever horse’s nose moved the wire first was the winner. Today they use a ribbon or tape. The phrase is used in any situation where there is suspense about the outcome.

Believe me, I have great suspense about my own outcome! Will I really have everything printed and ready to present? I’ll let you know! For now, I am simply a horse in the race trying to make it…..

“down to the wire!”

Blessings and thanks for every prayer!