When he opened the seventh seal,
there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

I love that there are verses like this in the Bible.

They remind me that God, the Creator of Everything Seen and Unseen, loves drama.

As humans I think we are often looking for the next great movie, the next great book, the next great play……………

Because we love a dramatic story.

Well, God inspired the most dramatic book ever and I hope you’ll find time to sit and read a bit of it today.

Just imagine a movie where someone opens a sealed envelope and for 30 minutes after that there is complete silence.

Don’t you think we’d sit and watch closely as the scene played out with no conversation-only actions.

I recommend reading the rest of Revelation 8 sometime.

In complete silence.

It’s a powerful chapter.

Have a wonderful Thursday and remember that any drama in your life is being orchestrated by the King of Kings……………………………..He has a beautiful plan.

Trust Him.

Love you all,