Tomorrow I’m subbing again at the middle school, and I’m so excited because I get to wear one of Nick’s Titans’ jerseys!!!

I love any chance to feel nearer to Nick. I know kids will remember him tomorrow and share stories about him, and that always makes me smile!!!

Goodness, grief is such a monster. I take deep breaths and press on.

Nick, you continue to make me a better person. Thank you.

God, Only You could take something so painful and somehow transform it daily into something so beautiful. I never wanted to be where I am now. Living without Nick. Living without Adrienne. And yet, You have shown me step by step that life is not about “what I want,” it is about You. Nick knew that. Thank you for allowing me to be the mom to such an amazing young man. I am blessed. And I believe with all of my being that You will redeem our time apart with a huge reunion. Thank you, Lord, for that eternal Hope. In Jesus’ Name, Amen