Psalm 91:4

He will cover you with his feathers,

  and under his wings you will

find refuge; His faithfulness will be

your shield and rampart.

We are covered by His feathers.


Nestled in.


Drawn in.

By Him and To Him.

His faithfulness is our shield.



That which gives us the courage to step forward even when we are being attacked.

Our defense even when we are on the offense.

His faithfulness is our rampart.


Surrounding wall of security.

Place to hide.

Our defense when we are being attacked from any side.

He is before us, behind us, around us, above us, in us, and with us.

What more do we need?

This morning as I look back on a couple of weeks of difficult days and nights, I still see Him.

Hear Him

Know Him

Trust Him

Love Him.

His faithfulness sustains me, propels me, lifts me, and moves me to higher levels of loving Him and trusting Him.

I pray that you will rest in the shelter of His wings and find not only a soft place to hide but also the confidence to step out knowing that He will also be your shield and your rampart.

Loving you today as always,