“In reading class, students are taught to summarize when they read.

This means “taking a long story and retelling only the most important parts in a shorter way.”

When we summarize, we share key details and omit trivial parts of the bigger story.

I love that God summarized His story.

His summary is easy to remember and share.

His summary is powerful yet simple to hide in our heart.

His summary changed history.

It changed our calendar from A.D. to B.C.

His summary only makes sense in light of all the questions we may carry with us about the Old Testament law and history.

His summary changes lives and changes hearts.

If you want to summarize God’s story, this is all you have to remember.


Yes, He’s the main character in God’s story.

Prophecies pointed to Him.

And fullness came through Him.

Hope is born by claiming Him.

Peace is found in knowing Him.

He understands our questions.

He can handle our doubts.


He gives strength to the weary.


He is the way.

He is the truth.

He is the life.


This morning as I was reading, my eyes caught this phrase in Ephesians, and I knew that even though this has been a week of little words for me.

I had to share God’s summary of life with you before heading to work.


Here it is:

“…the summing up of all things in


Eph. 1:10

It’s that easy.


He sums up all things in His Son.

That’s it.

No more.

No less.

God is the Great I Am.

His Son is too.

I’m thankful this morning for eight words in Ephesians that sum up all things.

On Christ the solid rock I stand.

All other ground is sinking sand.