I’m leaving in about an hour to go meet with a friend who is a going to help us design Nick’s tombstone.

PA100249  I guess we’ve been putting it off because we knew how painful it would be to dig back into the past and realize once again in such a very real way just how much life has changed since Nick went Home.100_9200

It’s amazing to me how many memories we made with Nick.

How many smiles he gave to us and to so many others.


   Tim and I both spent hours yesterday clicking through pictures on our computers and digging through Nick’s memory box.  We haven’t really talked about how we feel.  It’s just too painful.  I cry alone.  And I know he does too.  It’s almost as if we both know that sharing each other’s hurt just isn’t possible right now. 

Goodness.  Grief doesn’t seem to get easier sometimes.  I feel as if I walk three steps forward and then fall four steps backward. 

Just pray for us today.  Please.

I’ll share about the retreat soon.  The ladies who pulled it together did such a wonderful job.  I was blessed to be there.

But for today, I have to do something I have put off for months.

Somehow create a beautiful reminder of the life Nick lived so courageously.

My only desire is for people who walk through the cemetery and stop at Nick’s grave to see a boy who lived life with joy because he knew there was more to this world than this world.

Thank you for every prayer.