As I sat here tonight thinking about what I wanted to write, I started looking back through pictures and ran across so many of Nick where his smile was huge and his head looked so perfectly normal, and I could tell that if I looked anymore I was going to start to cry………..
And then God led me to this picture from last spring where I hopped on my oldest son’s lap and made him give me a great big hug! Can’t you tell he was just loving every minute?!?!
Truthfully, Erich is hilarious! I never know what he is going to look like the next time I see him………bald, long hair, short hair, blonde hair, huge beard, no beard…..he transforms overnight!
I love him so much.
When I saw this picture, I remembered that just last week my husband (who teaches at the same Christian university where Erich is a junior) called and said that he had just read on the school bulletin board that Erich had graciously signed up to be in this year’s live nativity scene.
As Baby Jesus!
Oh my! I decided that just the thought of my 6’1″ bearded son in a manger brought a whole new meaning to Mark Lowry’s song, “Mary, Did You Know?”
Shew! Where would we be without a little comic relief in this life?
Oh, my heart is aching tonight thinking of how Nick’s cancer has changed him so much physically and at times, emotionally, and yet I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving for the upcoming treatment that we are praying sends his cancer into remission as well as for my other children’s lives who are all as different from each other as you could ever imagine!
Tonight, I just had to share something that I hope brings a smile! I love you all so much!
Mother of Erich……….not Baby Jesus!!