july 12 091

At the family reunion this past weekend, I was so surprised to learn that this sweet distant relative has also lost a son (who was only 12 at the time).  His name was Timmy. 

After all of these reunions where I have seen him smiling, laughing, visiting..I learned that he too has walked this painful road of grief..

And survived.

He shared about how Timmy’s life is still making a difference today in the lives of so many.  He shared his hope of Heaven.  We talked about how Nick and Timmy are together!!

I guess “my Tim” caught this photo.  I found it when looking through my pictures.

I’m glad to have it as a constant reminder that grief is a road walked by many others and that often you have to be on the road yourself before someone feels safe telling you they are there too. 

My heart goes out to all of you who walk this road with me, beside me, before me, and after me.

You are not alone,