When I read the following passage in my study,

I had to circle it.

It jumped out at me in an extremely humbling way.


“Even though Moses was an exile in the desert, he was right on God’s schedule, right in the fullness of God’s timing, right in the middle of God’s will. 

At the time God was about to deliver the children of Israel, the important factor was not what the will of god was for Moses. 

The important factor was the will of God for Israel.”

Have you ever been in a painful situation and wondered what in the world God was up to in your life?

I sure have.

Have you ever felt as if God has sort-of abandoned you at a time when you need Him desperately,

leaving you in what feels like a spiritual desert?

Me too.

What if we could somehow transform our thinking to a God-perspective outlook on life and begin seeing even our “desert days” as opportunities to hear God’s voice and join Him in something bigger than ourselves?

What if we looked at every moment in our life as a “royal invitation” to join the King at work?

If we’re honest with ourselves, we have to believe there is something bigger and more powerful going on around us than simply what we are doing with our little human hands.

I sure hope so anyway.

If not, we are all struggling humans trying to pull off some sort-of huge story  all by ourselves, and I’m just thinking that even as a united force we could never do what the Creator of this Universe has done throughout the ages.

I learned firsthand last night about God’s never-ending work in the world around me when

I experienced His pre-arrival at a fashion show Olivia and I attended with a childhood friend of mine.

photo (49)

I haven’t really talked about what has been going on in our personal lives much lately, but I have to tell you briefly about last night.

Olivia recently interviewed and signed with a modeling agency in Louisville, Kentucky, to do some work in advertising.

Because of this, she was invited to work backstage at the Kentucky Derby Festival Spring Fashion Show yesterday.

I keep thinking of Esther and how God used her beauty to save the Jews,

and that has been my prayer for Olivia……..

That God will somehow use her to reach a whole new world with His love.


When we arrived and met a few of the other moms,

I heard one of the moms tell another model who was walking by,


“I’m praying for you.  You did great last night!”


Then later as the moms were sharing about how sweet this particular group of girls is, a mom said,

“They have God in their hearts.”



As I sat with my friend Lee and waited for the show to begin,

we had a conversation with the couple sitting next to us in which we were all sharing about our children.

Somehow Nick came up in the conversation and I was showing them the back of my phone with my Nick sticker.

When I shared about Nick, the gentleman next to me said,

“He’s here with Olivia.  There is a just a thin veil separating us.”

He went on to share of his father’s death a few years ago and wiped tears as he told a beautiful story of how God brought Him peace just months after losing him.


Lee and I sat in amazement at this whole conversation, because we had just been talking in the lobby about the thin veil between us and Heaven and how God is always working to draw us closer to Him.

We had even talked about the cloud of witnesses and how Nick is right here, cheering us on, along with Abraham and Moses.


My prayer has been that God would allow us to take His love into the modeling world,

but last night I was humbled to learn that He is already there.


We are simply joining Him in His work.


I know everything won’t be easy or perfect,

but God made it very clear last night that we are not alone in this new world with new people. 

He is with us every step of the way.


Today, I want to join Him where He’s working in the world around me here in Grayson.


If it wasn’t about Moses,

it’s definitely not about me or Olivia.


Maybe you’ll feel relieved to hear that it’s not about you either.

It’s about what God longs to do for others through you.


Today, open your heart, eyes, and ears……….

Experience His work by feeling His love, seeing the need, and hearing His voice in those around you.


I’m reminded of my friend Kim’s son Tyler and his fight with cancer at the same time as Nick was going through his chemo.


Their family had t-shirts made that said,

“Fear not tomorrow.  God is already there.”


I want to live fully aware of this truth.


No matter where I go in life,

God is already there.


I just have to listen and join Him in His work. Smile


Have a wonderful Friday with God!

He’s there!!!