The past ten days have literally been a blur.

I’ve tried to keep up on Facebook by adding photo albums of special occasions.


In the past week and a half our family has experienced…..


the graduation of the class of 2013 (Nick’s graduating class),

a very special wedding,

a visit with Evan who was in for the wedding,

two trips to Louisville,

a visit from Mamaw,

helping Todd pack for his summer in Japan followed by a goodbye dinner with him at Team Expansion’s retreat center,

several graduation parties,

Nick’s 18th birthday,

a Relay for Life 5K,

our town’s Memorial Day parade,

and the all-day event of cleaning out our shed.


My mind has been spinning at 120 MPH, and honestly, I was hesitant to open my blog this evening to even try to write.


But, I remember last summer’s inability to pen words, and the thought of another summer like that almost makes me go into panic mode.


I am determined to keep writing no matter how busy or mundane the summer days become.


When I step away from reflecting on life, I step away from part of who I am.


That separation is never pretty, because I am a writer.


And when writers stop writing (or never start), they lock up words, they hold back feelings, and they imprison emotions.

I can’t live fully without writing freely.


So I’m stepping back tonight long enough to remind myself that clicking away at the keyboard is my therapy as I face extreme highs and extreme lows in life.


It’s my way of breathing in what God says to me through His Word and through life events and then breathing them back out again.

The past few days I have been very aware of the lack of oxygen in my life.


I need to write to feel complete. 


If we’re not friends on Facebook, feel free to send me a friend request (Tammy Nischan).

I will add you so you can see the many different chapters of our past few weeks.


If We’re Facebook Friends, You Already Know…….

our family has been going non-stop since May 16th.

No matter how crazy life gets,

I hope you know you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

I carry you with me wherever I go.


Determined to never go this long without writing again,