Through torrential rain and increasingly foggy roads, my friend Carla and I inched our way back across America from a 900-mile journey this weekend that took us first to Norwin Christian Church in Pennsylvania where we were blessed to spend the day with an unbelievable group of women (I loved meeting all of you!) and then on to Washington, D.C., where we participated in a 5K to help raise funds for brain tumor research.

I have sooooooooo many pictures and soooooooooo many stories to share.

But before I can sit and download pictures and put together all of my thoughts in words, I have mounds of laundry, bathrooms to clean, and floors to vacuum before diving back into a week of teaching. This is my only day to get ready for a house full of company this weekend………

Erich graduates from nursing school Friday night!!!!!

I just wanted to share one thought for today.

God is with you. Even when you don’t feel like He is there……………………I promise that He is trying His hardest to get your attention somehow either through creation, a person, an object…………..something. He longs to be Your everything.

So, for today, I will look for Him in the things around me which include laundry baskets, piles of clothes, dirty dishes, unmade beds, and all the other things a house can hold on Monday. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I’m all ears and eyes, God!!!

I love you all so much.

Until tonight,